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WuKong Education will join the ASU+GSV Summit 2023 as a partner in bridging the gap in equal access to math and language learning.

ASU+GSV Summit 2023 successfully held San Diego, united states of america, provides a platform for global education professionals to share forward-looking insights and foster international collaboration. The event brought together thousands of academic and industry professionals and business leaders from around the world who participated in forums, exhibitions, roadshows, immersive experiences and more.

WKong Education, a leader in international K-12 online education brands, was invited to participate in recognition of its significant growth and industry influence in recent years.

San Diego, April 20, 2023 /PR Newswire/ — April 17-19ASU + GSV Summit was held San Diego, united states of america. This event includes: bill gates K-12 leaders in the education industry and leading education technology companies such as Chegg, WuKong Education and BYJU.

Founder of Wukong Education Vicky Wangco-founder Nikki Shan, and head of marketing for North America, Rebecca Deng, represented the company and shared insights on product development and business growth strategies with EdTech leaders around the world.

With over 300,000 users in 118 countries and regions around the world, WKong Education has gained widespread attention for its rapid growth and industry influence. The company’s teaching and research team consists of experienced teachers from top universities such as: harvardOxford, and ColumbiaIn line with ASU+GSV’s theme of “Brave New World: Imagining a new era with all people have equal to the future”, WuKong Education is committed to developing a comprehensive program to increase access to quality Chinese and Mathematics courses. We are proud to be a leading solution provider. Through our innovative platform and network of over 3,000 certified teachers.

During the summit, WuKong Education introduced its own curriculum. The curriculum incorporates cutting-edge, inquiry-based learning methods that encourage students to learn through classroom exploration.Founder Vicky Wang “From the design of educational syllabuses and teacher training programs to the interactive activities in live class sessions, the essence of inquiry-based learning is reflected in the carefully crafted classroom design. Passion truly inspires and nurtures children, masters of their own learning journeys.”

As a leader in the online education industry, WuKong Education is dedicated to driving educational innovation and closing the gap in equal access to math and language learning for K-12 children around the world. WuKong Education’s participation in his ASU+GSV Summit 2023 underscores the company’s continued commitment to promoting equity and excellence in education. The company’s vision of providing quality education to all students has fueled its growth and success in the industry.



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