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Why lip oils are the newest beauty trend, and our top picks for popular glosses

Ever heard of lip oil? If you use any kind of social media platform, you probably have. But if not, it’s totally fine as this article will answer all your lip oil questions and give you some fan-favorite examples.

Lip oils are the new trend that many makeup enthusiasts seem to be talking about, and for good reason. please confirm.


What is lip oil?

The term “lip oil” is self-explanatory, but this makeup product does more than you might think. make it something It also creates a barrier that seals in all ingredients, minimizing chapped and dry lips. As a bonus, the oil gives a nice glossy effect and tint.

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how to use them?

Whenever you want instant hydration that lasts for hours, just apply lip oil. Even if you layer it on top of lipstick or lip balm, it will give a glossy finish.

You can use them to heal, nourish and smooth the skin on your lips. We recommend painting it on top for a more glossy finish.

No matter what lip oil you use, you are sure to get the smoothest, softest lips. Just swipe the included applicator and you’re ready for long-lasting hydration and protection.


Are they useful?

Now, the big question is, are they really useful or are they the same as lip balms? Are they really worth it?

How many of you wanted to reach for that lip balm every time your lips were chapped? Well, what if I told you to reach for lip oil instead? Most lip balms are made with a wax base. Lip oils, on the other hand, are useful in both the beauty and skin care departments. So, in my opinion, they are definitely worth the splurge!

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some options

There are many options on the market, each with different effects, formulations and shades. You should carefully consider which one is right for you based on factors such as price and lip type. There are seven options listed below that you might like.

Note: If any of these lip oils contain irritants for your particular skin type, check the ingredients before purchasing.


This product has captured the hearts of experts and all social media for good reason. One feature that some people don’t like is that the consistency is thicker than regular lip oil. For that reason, some people find it a little too heavy. Instantly nourishes, protects, softens and revitalizes lips.

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price: About $40 (depending on where you buy it)

scent: yes

effect: glow, moisturizing

Key Ingredients: cherry oil

Number of shades: 8

Another great option that caught the attention of the beauty world is from Clarins. Its popularity stems from one particular factor. It’s pretty easy to transfer color, so you need to be careful. A definite plus is that it provides a glassy shine.

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price: $28

scent: yes

effect: bright and bright finish

Key Ingredients: jojoba oil, hazelnut oil

Number of shades: 8

This particular lip oil is for those who want a plumping effect while also getting the benefits of a lip oil. It sounds great, but it has some drawbacks, such as being a little sticky on the lips. Overall, it’s good if you want a plump, glossy effect on your lips, but only for a temporary period.

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price: $22

scent: yes

effect: Visible, Plumps, Soothes, Softens

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Evening Primrose Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter

Number of shades: 11

Created by Rare Beauty, this lip product is a new addition to the world of lip oils, but it’s no less effective. This innovative gel composition transforms application into a pigmented oil for the most comfortable feel on lips without stickiness. Quickly hydrates and nourishes lips for moist, soft, smooth lips all day long. Gently plump and give your lips a glossy finish. Especially suitable for on-the-go use thanks to the flat and angled doofoot applicator.

price: $20

scent: yes

effect: Glossy, smooth

Key Ingredients: jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil

Number of shades: 8

Another popular option is Gisou’s. This honey-infused lip oil is known for its moisturizing and soothing properties. Made with natural ingredients that help give your lips a natural glow while giving them the nourishment they need. After using this liquid lip oil, lips look smooth, plump and defined and feel soft and refreshed. However, this formula is more viscous than other oils, so it might feel a little heavy on your lips.

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price: $32

scent: yes

effect: Plump, smooth, plump, glossy

Key Ingredients: Mirasalehi honey, hyaluronic acid, blueberry seed oil

Number of shades: 1

One of the great things that many people appreciate about this oil is that it is made from 100% natural ingredients. This shows that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a quality formula. However, the all natural ingredients help lips retain moisture.

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price: $9

scent: yes

effect: soft & smooth

Key Ingredients: meadowfoam seed oil, coconut oil

Number of shades: 6

This one might be a little less popular than others, but it’s certainly a great option. The big plus is that this lip oil is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free. Moisturizes quickly without stickiness and gives a glossy shine. Also, when you put it on your lips, it will give you a little color, nourishment and moisture. As a lip treatment, apply after lipstick for a glossy finish.

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price: $10.99

scent: yes

effect: shiny shine

Key Ingredients: Fruit extract & vitamin E

Number of shades: Four


Have all your questions about lip oils been answered? I sure hope so! Lip oil has several benefits that help keep your lips hydrated. They are all made with different oils and natural ingredients, which makes them one of the best choices to consider when deciding which lip product to buy next. When you do, it all comes down to your preferences and expectations. Hopefully the options outlined in this article have helped you choose the right lip oil for you!

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