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One of the latest trends in jewelry is getting a ‘permanent bracelet’. These are available at her CHD Interiors in Mount Pleasant. Just in time for Mother’s Day on May 14th, the store will host a permanent jewelry party on May 11th.

Ash Hoffmann of Asch Hoffman Jewelry is recognized as one of the leaders in the creation of permanent bracelets.

But what is a permanent bracelet?

“It’s a thin gold bracelet that she (Ash) soldered on,” said Becca Dunn of CHD Interiors in Mount Pleasant. “So when I don’t want to wear it anymore, I just take it off.”

The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Dunn says there are nearly 100 permanent bracelet options, with prices starting at $75.

This isn’t the first time CHD Interiors has hosted a permanent bracelet party. Other stores have had great success, Dunn said. In fact, at the Mount Pleasant event, the reaction was that the sales hours needed to be extended.Currently running from 10am to 7pm

Dan encourages anyone interested in participating to contact the store.

“Bring your daughter, mother, or best friend to get some timeless and beautiful permanent jewelry,” says Dan, and while there, guests will be able to browse the store’s home furnishings, artwork, accessories, and more. added that you can buy In addition, there are special incentives. “Let us know you are coming and will be entered to win a $250 gift card from CHD.”

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