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Voted Australia’s healthiest city • Glam Adelaide

Sun, gun! Congratulations Adelaide. We are officially named the healthiest city in the country!

Adelaide, in partnership with the Gold Coast, was named Australia’s healthiest city in a new Mandoe Media survey, with Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in the top five.

Brisbane slipped out of the top five places in sixth place, and the capital in twelfth.

Where you live can have a huge impact on your health, well-being and well-being, so let’s dig into the data to reveal the healthiest cities in Australia.

Wellness ratings were based on five categories. Gym availability, gym interest, healthy restaurant availability, healthy restaurant quality, outdoor activity availability.

Overall, Adelaide and the Gold Coast offer some of the healthiest living conditions in Australia.

While the Gold Coast is slightly ahead in healthy restaurants, Adelaide has better access to gyms, but both cities perform well on all metrics.

Adelaide comes in 5th place in both the gym access category and, more importantly, the most gym-interested category with the highest volume of fitness and wellness-related Google searches.

Another achievement for us was being number 2 in Australia’s Most Rated Healthy Restaurants after winning the Gold Coast.

Healthy foodie restaurants like Argo on the Parade, Nutrition Republic, and Nourish’d Kitchen are doing wonders.

Australia has an enviable reputation for its lifestyle, but where you live determines how easily you have access to opportunities to stay healthy.

Adelaide may not be number one in every category, but they can be proud of the fact that they are in the top five in four out of five categories.

Grab your activewear and stroll the Esplanade to celebrate this epic victory.


  • Rank 1: Adelaide
  • Rank 1: Gold Coast
  • Rank 3: Melbourne
  • Rank 3: Perth
  • Rank 5: Sydney
  • Rank 6: Brisbane
  • Rank 7: Newcastle
  • Rank 8: Cairns
  • Rank 9: Hobart
  • Rank 10: Townsville
  • Rank 11: Darwin
  • Rank 12: Canberra
  • Rank 13: Geelong
  • Rank 14: Wollongong
  • Rank 15: Launceston
  • Rank 16: Bendigo

For more information on Mandoe Media’s health index, visit click here.

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