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Virtual classrooms bring tangible benefits

The flexibility and customized instruction of online learning increases educational equity.

One of the most exciting frontiers in technology-driven innovation as technology affects nearly every part of our lives, changing the way we work, play, travel, shop, and communicate with each other. is in education from kindergarten to high school. The transformative power of virtual schools.

Virtual schools help more and more children get a good education by providing them with the resources, structure and professional guidance they need to thrive, all in an environment designed to meet their needs. It has proven to be a flexible, popular and effective method for and prioritize their health. As many inspired educators and grateful families have attested, the virtual school environment not only provides students with an excellent education, but also leaves learners with increased self-esteem and the confidence and empowerment to grow. We also provide the support and individual attention you need to become successful. academically, emotionally and socially.

Flexible and individualized instruction

One of the best attributes of online learning is how this model can provide flexibility and customized instruction that enhances educational equity. Virtual schools are a solution for all types of learners, but they are especially beneficial for children and families with specific or special needs.

Safety and security are clearly a priority for many families, and the opportunity for children to learn in the comfort and safety of their homes is very attractive to many virtual school families. Students who have faced bullying or who have social anxiety or behavioral problems can also benefit greatly from the virtual school model. Being able to get these students stable and personalized attention in a virtual school environment is extremely beneficial. Virtual teaching reduces distractions for children who find it more difficult to learn and focus in crowded classrooms, helping them stay focused and productive throughout class.

Virtual schools are a game-changer for students with health issues or special educational needs that make learning in a traditional classroom environment very difficult or impossible. With access to a proven virtual education platform, both general and special education students are provided with the advanced services and personalized support they need to succeed.

meet the needs

Online learning clearly meets the needs of a growing number of children who are accessing such unique opportunities in record numbers. But educators also recognize the value of these unique online learning models. In a recent national poll of school administrators, 86% of respondents agreed that online learning is an important piece of the educational puzzle for students, and more than a third said demand for virtual schools will continue to grow. will grow, and more than 86% expect demand for virtual schools to grow. 10 admins welcome a one-stop-shop platform for digital curricula.

Parents, on the other hand, are not only open to the idea of ​​a virtual school, they are hungry for it. Nearly two-thirds of parents consider full-time online public schools as an alternative to traditional schools, and more than 70% believe they are considering a hybrid model that blends online and in-person learning .

Eight in 10 parents would like more guidance from their child’s school district on how to support online learning, and 82% of parents said increased resources and training for teachers on online education would be beneficial to their children. We support you to help us.

Proven results

As demand continues to grow for increasingly popular and sophisticated virtual school options, it is encouraging to see a corresponding increase in options and opportunities for excellent virtual education from experienced and certified professional teachers. That’s it. This trend is evident in schools across Michigan, including Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy, Michigan Highpoint Virtual Academy, Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, and Michigan Insight School. These institutions are at the forefront of the virtual school revolution, demonstrating the tremendous benefits of virtual schools every day.

At the same time, there is growing evidence that virtual education provides very high quality education. Recent study shows graduates of Stride K12-powered online schools have a statistically significant advantage in career preparation compared to traditional brick-and-mortar schools . Students in these settings have access to future-proof learning with opportunities to explore careers, gain work experience, and gain a competitive edge for the future.

Unfortunately, while the value of online learning is undeniable, it’s not all smooth sailing. The importance of virtual schools is still somewhat underestimated, either because of misunderstandings caused by the pandemic’s hasty move to online platforms, or simply because children are unfamiliar with the rich ecosystem of opportunities available online. It has been.

That may be why Governor Whitmer recently made an important proposal, despite the fact that online learning programs are such an important resource for a growing number of students and families in Michigan. cut To a virtual charter school. This funding cut will affect more than 21,000 of his students. Many are at risk and rely heavily on tutoring and additional support not available outside of a virtual school environment. It is hoped that support for virtual school programs will be maintained, protected and even expanded as awareness and appreciation of the power and potential of virtual schools continues to grow. Michigan students and their families deserve nothing more.

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