VEER Appoints Renowned Jewelry Industry Leader Pat Henebery as Head of Business Development

Pat Henneberry

Pat Henneberry

(press release) NEW YORK — VEER, a leading exclusive supplier of natural diamonds and jewelry to retailers, has announced the appointment of Pat Heneberry as Head of Business Development, effective May 15, 2023. Henneberry will continue to play a key role due to her extensive experience and outstanding achievements in the jewelry industry. It plays a key role in driving VEER’s growth and increasing the brand’s presence.

With over 35 years of expertise, Henneberry has held leadership positions overseeing sales, training and marketing teams at major companies such as Hearts On Fire, Forevermark, Diamond Promotion Service and JCK. Throughout her illustrious career, she has served as a trusted voice in the industry, nurtured relationships with international leaders, and contributed to the success of multiple luxury brands, including De Beers’ iconic Diamonds Are Forever campaign. have contributed. As founder and CEO of “The Jewelry Coach,” Heneberry’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking have made her a sought-after expert and thought leader in the diamond industry, helping to sustain demand. Relentless efforts and widely recognized as a staunch advocate of natural diamonds. through her engaging efforts. She has a proven track record of leveraging relationships with retailers to launch brands and has developed programs that establish the organization as an authority in the industry.

Kaushal Shah, CEO and Founder of VEER, expressed confidence in Mr. Henebery’s appointment. “Pat is the ideal business development officer to lead Veer’s next growth chapter. Her track record of innovation, execution, outstanding leadership and team development is remarkable. She is a high growth, world class leader and we are thrilled to welcome her to VEER.”

Mr. Henebery expressed his enthusiasm for the appointment. VEER is a company that our retail partners respect, trust and enjoy doing business with. When we reached out to VEER retailers to ask them about their experience, the response was overwhelmingly positive, demonstrating our utmost respect for Kaushal. We’ve heard great stories about seamless transactions, admiration for the New York team, and how he embodies qualities such as flexibility, creativity, and ease of doing business. ”

VEER offers a wide range of products including a consistent core diamond program, diamond anniversary bands, bridal jewelry and natural diamond stud earrings up to 10 carat total weight. VEER is a vertically integrated family owned natural diamond company and all diamonds are under strict quality control. As a company focused on customer success, VEER excels at optimizing the customer experience through fast replenishment and fast special orders.


“My primary goals in this new role are to contribute to the growth of the company and position VEER as the go-to source for core diamond essentials. The kind of company I advocate for.Throughout my career, my focus has been on fostering good relationships with retailers and working together to achieve mutual growth. I look forward to joining this business as it progresses.”

VEER will showcase the collection at Booth 14065 inside the Bridal District at the JCK Show at The Venetian Expo June 2-5, 2023 in Las Vegas. Retailers interested in booking with Pat Henneberry should contact us directly at For more information on VEER and its services, please visit this website.

About VEER

VEER is a leading retail supplier of natural diamond jewelry to retailers in North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 2012, VEER is committed to providing exquisite designs and outstanding quality while prioritizing customer success through consistency and rapid replenishment and rapid special orders. With a strong focus on sustainable and ethical practices, VEER prides itself on offering a diverse range of diamond jewelry that celebrates beauty and love.

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