Tradition passed down through jewelry

Jaena Jewels unveiled her new jewelry line last Wednesday night at The Peak at Grand Hyatt Manila, sharing the #LuxuryforAll advocacy in celebration of its growth.

We were taught that jewelry is an heirloom, a piece to be passed down for generations, a sentimental item that conveys long-lasting memories. Also, our mothers taught us the skill and importance of having such gems in our lives, and that wearing them for a lifetime is a symbol of femininity’s strength. I remember the moment you gave me.

It’s a perspective that will forever change the way we look at jewelry. We believe women have the greatest impact on our lives, and we can see that continue to live on as Jhaena Jewels continues to expand its brand. Through their precious line of jewellery, we can also unravel the journey they have taken over the years.

Jaena Jewels

It all started in Japan in 2021, when Haena Sia-Foo, owner of Jhaena Jewels, began embracing Filipinos with a love for designer bags. She would often stroll the alleys looking for items her customers wanted. In that moment, she realized she was passionate about helping people get what they wanted. In a way, she felt fulfilled every time she got her work done.

Jaena Jewels

She was able to accommodate various requests except for one of the jewellery. This question prompted her to explore ways of dealing with her customers, and it was also a reminder of her mother’s affection she received when she was a little girl. Jewelry After her convention, Haena was able to start a business and it has since become history.

Jaena Jewels

Building on their mother’s legacy, Justin and Haena wanted to honor and keep her spirit alive through the business they started. Jewelery has become a symbol of a mother’s love for a couple and has been seen as a way to bring sentimentality to all. That’s why Jhaena Jewels has been an advocate for accessibility from the start. Hence #LuxuryforAll.

“This is all for her. I wanted her legacy to live on. And seeing how supportive people are is definitely filling my heart.”

Haena Xiafu

The brand was launched just a few years ago, but it’s never too late to celebrate the milestones it’s achieved over the years. And last Wednesday night, Jaena Jewels celebrated her first trip in two years with an intimate dinner at The Peak of Grand Hyatt Manila.

Jaena Jewels

As Jhaena Jewels started humblely, this is definitely a part of Jhaena Jewels history. It’s really impressive to see the brand grow, despite being new in the market, to promote their products through Facebook, grow their community, and have eager customers waiting in line during the pandemic. is.

Jaena Jewels

In addition to the dinner, guests had the opportunity to see a new line of intricate creations exuding elegance and luxury. Each piece is adorned with timeless diamonds, gorgeous emeralds and rubies, and gilded gold, all unique in design.

As the night wore on, we couldn’t help but see how the jewels elevated the classic black ensemble. Although varied in terms of design, all were still very elegant and fixed. Gold evokes dainty flowers, while statement structures and jewels are finished with diamonds.

Jaena Jewels

Claiming to stand for all without compromising the quality of its jewelry, Jhaena Jewels is not going to give up on its purpose. Their only desire is to provide high quality jewelry to anyone who wants to add to their collection.


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