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National Sunscreen Day is on Saturday (May 27), but even outside of SPF’s special day, it’s important to lather up on sunscreen, especially if you’re planning to attend an outdoor festival or tour. Soaking up vitamin D may feel good, but too much vitamin D can turn a summer tan into a bright red tan.



See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

Whether it’s raining, sunny, cloudy or partly cloudy, applying a solid sunscreen can help keep your skin smooth and healthy. Accelerated signs of aging and, at worst, skin cancer are the last things you want to avoid.that’s why signboard To find out the best sunscreens, we spoke with Dr. Angela J. Lamb, a board-certified dermatologist and associate professor of dermatology (and added some of ours and celebrity favorites, too). rice field).

Before you go to fill your cart, Lam shares a few tips to keep in mind, including how to know if what you’re using is really “the best.”

“I recommend something that spreads well, feels good on the skin, and allows you to wear makeup over it if you want,” she said. Lam added that ingredients such as oxides and titanium dioxide should also be looked for. “These ingredients help the sunscreen work more quickly when applied to the skin.”

As for how often you need to reapply your sunscreen, it depends on what you’re doing.

“If you sweat or play sports outdoors, sunscreen should be reapplied about every 80 to 90 minutes,” she says. “If you’re actually spending only a short amount of time outside, you can apply sunscreen in the morning, such as during your commute, and reapply or use it when the sun is still out when you get home. [a] powder [sunscreen] to touch it up. ”

Memorial Day Beauty Sale is already on and you can get high quality formulas at discounted prices. To help you upgrade your beauty routine and equip yourself for the festivities, check out the best sunscreens below, according to dermatologists and our and celebrity favorites.


Neutrogena Purescreen+ Facial Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30


Ram loves this Neutrogena Mineral UV Tint formula and uses it daily. It comes in 4 colors, and when applied to the skin, it will be slightly colored.


Super goop! Ansen Sunscreen SPF 40


Another Ram pick, this Unseen Sunscreen from Supergoop is a lightweight formula that resists water and sweat for up to 40 minutes once applied. The texture is also clear, so you can apply it without worrying about white residue.

black girl sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30


Black Girl Sunscreen has made a big splash by creating a high quality SPF that is fragrance free and long lasting (up to 80 minutes!). It’s also water resistant, so you don’t have to reapply it multiple times even if you get soaked or sweaty.

Ulta Beauty

Drunk Elephant Ambra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Face Sunscreen SPF 30


Before signboard Hot 100 chart topper Selena Gomez is known for using Drunk Elephant’s Ambra Sheer Physical Defense SPF, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it contain the dermatologist-approved ingredient oxide, but it also features a non-greasy, non-essential oil formulation that is gentle on the skin.


Lancome UV Expert Primer & Moisturizer SPF 50


euphoriaZendaya previously said she loves Lancome’s UV Expert Primer & Moisturizer SPF. This not only protects against harmful UV rays, but also smooths and moisturizes the skin. And did we mention it’s made with nutritious Vitamin E?

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