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The keyword is new when it comes to fashion, be it clothing, jewelry or accessories. Newness is the reason for the existence of the category.

By stocking up on all the new stuff, you’ll have a reason to invite your clients to your store, and they’ll have a reason to be excited.

To whet your appetite, we’ve rounded up three designer jewelery brands that have launched new collections this season. Ready, Stock!

Arizona and Crystalline by Jia Jia

In 2017 Jia-Jia Zhu, a former fashion buyer for Bergdorf Goodman, left camp for Bali to spend a year practicing yoga, meditating and working with crystals.

“During one meditation, I unlocked my third eye and started seeing incredible colors and visions,” says Zhu. JCKMore“I was called to go to Tucson to learn more about crystals.”

At the gem show, she befriended the crystal cellar and gifted her with a clear quartz crystal tray that became the basis for the Jia Jia collection of 14K gold and crystal jewelery launched in 2020.

Jia Jia Crystalline Crystal Quartz Diamond Bar Earrings
Crystalline crystal quartz diamond bar earrings, 14K gold, $1,580.Jia Asia

“As a fashion jewelery buyer in Bergdorf, I had never seen crystal jewelery that resonated with me,” says Zhu. “This was an opportunity to create something that felt right for me. Everything we do is one-of-a-kind. We groove and custom hand set each piece in gold and diamonds.”

Handcrafted in New York City, the brand recently introduced new styles to its best-selling Arizona and Crystaline collections. This includes crystals that feature a gem-set bar accented with colored stones.

Lalique animal animals

For most jewelers, the name Lalique evokes the delicate, naturalistic creations of Art Nouveau master Rene Lalique. This spring, his namesake jewelery brand will launch a collection inspired by jungle creatures. Chain His Link His style incorporates intriguing textured hints of feathers, fur and scales.

lalique link necklace
Empreinte Animale necklace in silver with clear crystals, $2,240.Lalique
lalique link bracelet
Empreinte Animale cord bracelet in black crystals, $140.Lalique

Diamond Dip, Sable Dore, Sable Noir High Deco by Tejen

Tejen recently updated its bold, sculptural jewelery collection with a handful of new pieces featuring black pearls, opals and diamonds galore. The Diamond Dipped series, for example, combines lustrous Fairmined gold with large white diamonds to sparkle day and night. The latest piece in the Sable collection highlights the timeless style chic of her rare 18k gemstone bead. Gold setting (Exhibit A: High Deco her intertwined pair of opals falls below).

Tejen Sable Noir high deco earrings
Sable Noir High Deco Drop Earrings in 18K Gold 3ct. 2 diamonds and black opal, $18,800.Tejen
Tejen Diamond Dip Loop Cuff
Diamond Dip Loop Cuff Fairmined Gold 2ct. 2 diamonds, $14,000.Tejen

Above: Arizona rainbow sapphire crystal charm necklace, 14k gold, $1,400.Jia Asia

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