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This Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro deal will catch up on your next hiking trip

Luxurious Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is cheaper than ever


Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

$395 $450 Save $55

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro hits a new top price on Amazon. The price fell below $400 and reached $395. This particular model used to go down to $399, and now it’s down a few dollars more. With a titanium body and sapphire crystal glass, this sophisticated smartwatch is both premium and durable.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is the company’s first ‘Pro’ model, making a name for itself with its premium feel and excellent health tracking features. It’s on sale now, making it a little more affordable, so it’s a good choice for anyone who wants a smartwatch made with good materials and a decent battery.Available on Amazon for $395, this is the best price we’ve seen for this model so far, and it’s unlikely we’ll see a better price until the summer sales event hits.

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Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

A good smartwatch can help you avoid taking your phone out every two minutes by allowing you to read your messages and handle incoming calls. Even if it’s just a robocall, at least now you don’t have to check your phone to see if it’s spam. Other great features you’ll enjoy with this smartwatch are GPS location tracking and payments by simply swiping your wrist over his POS terminal. Of course, we should also mention the massive battery that can last for days instead of just hours as is the case with many other smartwatch models.

Another thing a good smartwatch can help you with is being able to track your fitness and health, and the 5 Pro does just that. No need to. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro features his SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen level measurement, allowing you to monitor your heart rate and perform an ECG.

All of these things are pretty awesome, but I have to mention that this smartwatch can be durable, but it comes at the price of not fitting everyone’s wrists. Due to its heavy design, it may be too big for some people. Additionally, the default band felt clunky in our experience, so if you feel that way after your order arrives, you may want to consider getting a replacement at some point.

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