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The NFL will hire 12 new officers. Several familiar names join the league – Football Zebras

The NFL has hired 12 new officers for the 2023 season.

The Big 12 and SEC employ 4 each, the Big 10 2, ACC and Pac-12 1 each. The officers hired are listed below along with the number of seasons they have participated in the NFL’s development program. Number of seasons worked in any iteration of AAF, USFL, and XFL. Their current conference and league this spring. A bowl game, conference championship game, or college invitational game you’ve worked on in the past year.

LJMoreBrett Bergman1FourBig Ten / USFLorange Senior
DJ/LJJay Bilbo11Big 12 / XFLGasparilla NFLPA
cormorantScott Campbell23Big 12 / USFLpinstripe NFLPA
cormorantJames Carter6FourSEC/USFLCheetto Senior
DJ/LJWalter Flowers12SEC/USFLSEC Champ
BJsMartin HankinsFive2SEC/USFLfiesta Senior
DJ/LJDale Keller3FourPac-12 / XFLpeach NFLPA
FJ/SJJason RedettFour2Big 12 / USFLcitrus big 12 champ shrine
SJ/SJSean Petty21SEC/XFLfiesta shrine
DJ/LJBrian Sakowski31ACC/USFLnational champion
FJ/SJFrank Stella Torre7FourBig Ten / USFLgator NFLPA
BJsTyree Walton2FourBig 12 / USFLcitrus mountain west champ shrine

all about family

Did you notice any familiar names among the new recruits? Brett Bergman is the son of the recently retired Jeff Bergman, and Frank Stella Torre is the cousin of Gene and Tony Stella Torre. Bergman and Stella Torre have worked in the Big Ten for several seasons.

Since 1966, members of the Bergman family have been on the NFL’s board of directors. Patriarch Jerry and his sons Jeff and Jerry Jr. also leave the league this year. Bergman is pretty young, and if he finds success in his 20-year career, that means Bergman will be a referee in his NFL for over 75 years!

Age is no longer a number

It was common knowledge that once an official reached the age of 50, the NFL window would close. Not so in the last few years. The NFL began hiring officers in his 50s. I don’t know the ages of all the new officers, but judging by their long and successful careers in major college football, it’s possible that they wouldn’t have been hired if the ’50’ conventional wisdom was still in force. We can assume there is.

With staff paying more attention to conditioning, fitness and health, staff can be hired in their 50s and enjoy a successful career for 10-15 years.

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