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Skin care tech brand AMIRO celebrates Mother’s Day with a heartwarming campaign

Shenzhen, China, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AmiroIn honor of upcoming Mother’s Day, the leading beauty and skincare technology brand has launched a special campaign to honor mothers around the world. AMIRO’s Mother’s Day campaign includes a range of special offers on the company’s best products so customers can pamper themselves and their loved ones at this remarkable event.

To spice up the occasion, AMIRO also released an inspiring video highlighting the bond between mother and daughter and the importance of cherishing the special moments they spend together.

This video centers around a daughter’s perspective on her mother. Her daughter reflects on how throughout her life so far her mother has always been there to support her and care for her, which gave her her strength and support. rice field. But she found that her daughter often had no one to care for her mother when she was vulnerable.

As a way of thanking her and repaying her love and support, a daughter gifts her mother to experience AMIRO’s products. This allows her mother to gain her confidence, restore her vitality and make her feel loved.Here is the key message of this video Friendship is the best gift of allAMIRO exists to support every woman in her life’s journey. The video is a moving tribute to the mothers of the world and fits perfectly with the campaign’s theme.

AMIRO’s Mother’s Day campaign aims to celebrate love and friendship between mothers and daughters, and to inspire women to feel beautiful and confident in their skin. Recognizing that aging is a natural process and can be a delicate issue, AMIRO does not advocate reversing time. Instead, the brand empowers women to bravely face the effects of aging and embrace their natural beauty.

During the Mother’s Day campaign period, From May 4th to May 14th, Many users have joined AMIRO’s giveaway program on social media to share their at-home skin care experiences with their loving mothers. Meanwhile, the brand offers some discounts on showcase items.Notable offers include: $70 The R1 Pro is a radio frequency skin care device designed to deliver professional skin care on the go and comes with 2 complimentary gels.

Other important offers include: $200 Use the S1, a professional skin tightening machine. $40 R-Eye turn off eye high frequency device and provide free box of eye mask. $70 Free gift of light therapy mask and 2 boxes of B3 masks. Free makeup brushes (worth it) $20) for orders reaching $380 over.

Mother’s Day offers offer an opportunity for all who wish to honor their mothers with tools that make them feel confident and beautiful, just as they have enriched us throughout their lives. Offers. AMIRO invites everyone to join this celebration and take advantage of our special sale.

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About Amiro

AMIRO is a beauty and skin care technology brand founded in 2015, committed to developing a series of technologically advanced home beauty and personal care electronic products. Winner of over 38 international design awards, his AMIRO is your skincare partner for portable, short-acting, long-lasting solutions that improve skincare efficiency.

Adhering to the idea of ​​’activating beauty through science’, AMIRO’s products are designed to be affordable and high quality, backed by clinical data. With an emphasis on sustainability and innovation, AMIRO is dedicated to providing skincare solutions that help women of all ages feel confident and beautiful.

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