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Shift Token to Set Standards in Cryptocurrency, Fitness and Wellness Sectors

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 8, 2022 / Achieving your health and fitness goals can be difficult without the right mindset, technology and tools. The Shift Token team is aware of this challenge. That’s how they designed the system. shift fit An app that gives fitness enthusiasts the tools they need to reach their fitness goals.

Regardless of your fitness goals, ShiftFit makes it easy to track your calorie and nutrition intake. The app comes with customized, actionable tips to help you reach your fitness goals.

shift technology

The project is at the forefront of the most innovative technology, benefiting big, centralized brands. The team has the simple task of leveraging cutting edge technology to create a product accessible to all members of the community. The product extends beyond artificial intelligence to wearables and other accessories to help keep you healthy and comfortable.

The project will also use technology to transform how data is collected and used. By participating in this trend, you will be able to make decisions about how your data is used.

ShiftFit by shift token

Shift Token aims to revolutionize the health and fitness industry by developing a cutting-edge app known as ShiftFit. The ShiftFit app allows users to track their fitness goals and know exactly when to increase or decrease their pace. With this app you can easily earn tokens by completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

You can also track your nutritional intake and calories. Plus, there are recommended workout programs to help you reach your fitness goals. In the coming weeks, the team will create its own gym center and hire experts to help you reach your fitness goals with ease.

Shift Token Strength

Shift Token is a smart technology-centric project aiming to bring health and fitness into the ecosystem and refine the crypto space. Shift tokens offer the following possibilities:

Empower community members to manage their health and fitness through the ShiftFit app.

Reward token holders and other community members for reaching or achieving fitness goals.

We create transparency, vibrant communities and sustainable leadership.

Bringing cutting-edge technology and tools to the health and fitness industry.

Buy Shift Tokens in 6 Steps

The officially recognized purchase channel at the launch of Shift Token will be through the Uniswap platform. To purchase Shift Tokens, follow these 6 steps:

Create an ETH account in either Trust Wallet, Coinbase or MetaMask wallets.

Buy ETH and send it to your wallet address.

Go to Uniswap and connect your ETH wallet to the platform.

Add a shift token contract address to Uniswap.

Set the slip tolerance to 10-15%.

Exchange ETH in your wallet for Shift Tokens.


The world of cryptocurrency may be vast and unimaginable, but earning cryptocurrency can be done via the ShiftFit app. Users earn cryptocurrency when they use the app to reach their fitness goals.

Here’s how to do this safely: Launch ShiftFit and pin your fitness goals within the app. For example, if your fitness goal is for her to lose X weight in X days, or for her to complete 40,000 steps in a set number of days, you can fix a good number.

Set fitness goals and start earning Shift Tokens paid through the ShiftFit app. Users can also earn more Shift Tokens by participating in daily, weekly and monthly fitness challenges.

About shift tokens

Shift Token is a 100% community-driven platform that empowers members to manage their own health. Shift Token promotes anything related to health and fitness while giving users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

Conceptualized as a smart technology, Shift Token aims to introduce health and fitness into the crypto space, providing a means for members to earn while staying healthy. Whether you want to stay fit or your fitness goal is to lose weight, Shift Token can help.

Shift Token is not your usual crypto project, it’s a way of life. The ShiftFit app contains the innovative utilities needed to drive mass user adoption. The app offers step tracking, calorie counting, in-app rewards, and in-app coaching. It also summarizes every aspect of the wealth accumulation and weight loss journey.

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