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FARGO — Gavin Grizmer said he was just doing his job when he stopped several would-be robbers from breaking into a jewelry store in Fargo.

He later learned they were part of a violent, national organized crime syndicate that targeted jewelry stores across the country.

Fargo Police Chief David Zivorsky honored Mr. Grismer with the Citizen’s Achievement Award on Thursday, May 25.

If you’ve visited Gunderson’s Jewelers in South Fargo in the last few months, chances are Grizmer opened the door for you.

Except for some visitors on February 8th.

“They drove into the parking lot at such a high speed that it was a serious red flag. And, something you don’t see at a jewelry store, all three of them jumped out of the car all at once.” he said.

Grizmer, who always sits by the store’s front door, said they were wearing military uniforms and N95 masks.

“When I saw them with some weapons, I thought something would go wrong if they went through that door,” Grizmer said.

Employees and customers were inside, so Grismer quickly locked the door in an attempt to stop the robbery.

“I read his lips and he seemed to say enough for them to say there’s security here and this place is over,” Grizmer said.

Grizmer said there were five people in the car. He was able to provide the police with important information about the getaway.

Two of the five were arrested two days later in Michigan.

They have just been released from prison and are members of a violent state crime syndicate that targets Rolex watches in jewelry stores across the country.

At the time of the robbery, Grizmer had only been on the job for a few months.

“You have made a direct contribution to the prevention of felony while putting your own safety at risk,” Zhiborsky said during the presentation.

Grizmer said he was pleasantly shocked by the award, but even happier that everyone was safe that day.

“I was just doing my job and I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was just doing my job and making sure everyone was safe,” he said.

Thursday was Grizmer’s last day at the Gunderson home for several months. He’ll be defending the Detroit Lakes’ Lake Shirt all summer long.

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