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Say goodbye to a fan favorite in Season 2

Four young women in winter clothes are standing on a frozen river.

Four young women in winter clothes are standing on a frozen river.

take a deep breath. Well what do you hear?probably the sound yellow jacket Fans sobbed after the absolute emotional destruction in the season 2 finale, “Storytelling.”

yellow jacket We wrapped up our sophomore season with an action-packed episode featuring a ritual hunt, the Yellowjacket family’s second act of cannibalism, and a truly tragic death. “Storytelling” covers a lot of ground to get to those points, and may even close out some of the show’s biggest storylines.

Result is yellow jacket At its best, it’s gripping, haunting, dark, funny, and saddest.

Let’s break it down.

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The Yellowjackets deal with the aftermath of Javi’s death.

A young man in winter clothes sits in a corner of a hut.

A young man in winter clothes sits in a corner of a hut.

Kevin Alves in “Yellowjackets”. Credit: Kimberley French / Showtime

The trailer for Season 2 finally reveals the identity of the bodies the Yellowjackets were carrying. It was Javi (Luciano Leroux) who froze to death after the Yellowjackets chased Natalie (Sophie Thatcher) in Episode VIII. Back at the camp, the girls are preparing a feast, but Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) covers her eyes, presumably trying to distance herself from the act as much as possible, butchering him. Make a seductive move to start.

The most heartbreaking part of this opening, fittingly set for The Cranberries’ “Zombies,” is Travis’ (Kevin Alves) pain upon learning of his brother’s death. After all, he only got him back, only to lose him soon after.

Nat experiences a similar affliction, feeling survivor guilt that Javi died in her place. Trying to explain what happened to Travis, she told him, “The wilderness chose.”

The statement marks a major shift for Nat, who has been a consistent anti-nature worshiper throughout the season. Still, much has changed since the onset of winter when Nat refused Lottie’s hunting blessings. Nut ate Jackie along with the other Yellowjacket. She starved after each failed hunt, feeling the weight of her team’s hunger. She witnessed Shawna nearly die in her childbirth, and she nearly died herself too before she was seemingly saved in the wilderness. She shouldered Travis’ woes over the missing Javi, and now this. Given the extra trauma she has, it’s no surprise that she looks completely to Mother Nature for solace.

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Yellowjacket is now planning another hunt.

A woman carrying a wooden tray of glasses filled with a clear liquid.

A woman carrying a wooden tray of glasses filled with a clear liquid.

Simone Kessel in “Yellowjackets”. Credit: Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

According to the current Lotti (Simone Kessel), the only way to quell the dark forces of the Wasteland is to sacrifice one of them. Surprisingly, Shawna (Melanie Lynskey) agrees to the plan, suggesting that the hunting be done like the good old days, including masks and cards. But don’t worry. She makes it clear to the others that this is just a ruse to extend the time so she can call in a psychic team to help Lottie.

But it turns out Shauna underestimated everyone else’s commitment to this bit. Van (Lauren Ambrose) convinces Taissa (Tawny Cypress) to quit the team so the Yellowjackets can handle Lottie’s concerns on their own. But in reality, Van seems to be embracing the hunting ritual again, in a way that mirrors his younger self (Liv Hewson)’s transition into full cult mode.

The psych team is called off and the women draw their cards and Shawna pulls out the Queen as Lottie insists on performing a ritual for everyone’s benefit. The hunters wear masks and wield knives, but no amount of Shauna’s persuasion can dissuade them. Yellowjacket’s predatory instincts have resurfaced, and what that means is her one. That means the hunt has begun.

Lottie becomes the new leader of the Yellowjacket.

A young woman with a scar on her face and covered in blood lay on the ground of the hut.

A young woman with a scar on her face and covered in blood lay on the ground of the hut.

Courtney Eaton in “Yellowjackets”. Credit: Kimberley French / Showtime

Between both timelines this season, Lottie has emerged as an utterly tragic figure. The surviving Yellowjackets have deified her in her youth (Courtney Eaton), and Misty (Samantha Hanratty) even says he started her hunting ritual. To them she is more like a savior than a human being, and in “Storytelling” she finds herself losing any sense of control she might have had. She also lost her connection with nature.

Lottie tells her teammates that she was taught to hear and feel sounds and doesn’t need her anymore. Because of this, Lottie cedes leadership (the position that was forced on her anyway) to a completely different person, Nat. This is a spectacular reversal from the beginning of the season, when Lottie took power and Nat denied the wilderness.

Season 2 focused on the push and pull between Nat and Lottie’s approach to survival, particularly Nat’s denial of wilderness. After Javi’s death, Nat seems to have accepted his power and the title of leader that comes with it.

She and Lottie have switched places. Lottie becomes an outsider and Nat is respected by others. All she had to do to get there was play by their rules. How far will she accept sacrificial rituals in the future?

Walter and Jeff have proven a team-up over the years.

A man in a purple button-up shirt offers someone a green mug.

A man in a purple button-up shirt offers someone a green mug.

Elijah Wood in “Yellowjackets”. Credit: Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

Jeff (Warren Cole) and Callie (Sarah Desjardins) follow Shawna to Lottie’s wellness retreat, where police officers Kevin (Alex Wyndham) and Matt (John Reynolds) chase after them. But who else do you think Rotty’s has? Walter (Elijah Wood)!

Citizen detectives are here to help Misty (Christina Ricci) get some hot cocoa, but they’ve run out of cocoa. More precisely, he’s out of cocoa because he killed Kevin by handing him a mug of phenobarbital in the same way Jeff falsely confessed to murdering Adam Martin. . Jeff again finds himself in a morbid situation that he doesn’t want to be involved with. Somebody send this guy to a book club or something! — but he was very kind to help Walter move Kevin’s body.

But Walter isn’t done yet! Determined to secure Misty’s heart (and MVP title for this episode), he reveals to Matt that he has set up an incriminating chase that links Kevin to the police corruption scandal and Adam’s death. He offers Matt a choice. Either go along with Walter’s lies and become a local hero, or get caught up in Kevin’s place. Matt chooses the former because he is a piece of shit.

Good news for the Sadecki family. They escaped the Adam murder! Bad news for the Sadecki family: the entire rest of the episode.

Little by little, Natalie dies as history repeats itself.

A woman in a purple shirt sits in front of a lit candle.

A woman in a purple shirt sits in front of a lit candle.

Juliette Lewis in “Yellowjackets”. Credit: Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

Callie and Lisa’s (Nicole Maines) intervention frustrates the search for Shauna. In the ensuing brawl, Misty attempts to inject phenobarbital to stop Lisa from shooting Natalie (Juliette Lewis). However, Nat pushes Lisa out of the way and takes a blow instead. It won’t be long before her girlfriend dies, and there’s nothing the other Yellowjacketers can do to save her.

It’s a devastating moment, yellow jacket Nat has taken proactive steps to recover throughout, and Lottie even admitted to worrying about Yellowjacket bringing back nature. It gives her some settlement and her way forward, making her loss all the more upsetting.

This season also gave us a deeper understanding of Nat’s survivor guilt with the revelation that Javi died in her place. It’s clear her death has haunted her for the past 25 years. Now she died in Lisa’s place and feels like an inevitable sacrifice to the wilderness. Added to this idea of ​​inevitability is Nat’s vision of her pre-death. There she finds herself on a plane with Javi, a young Lottie, and her younger self. According to teenage Nat, she was always here. “Here” probably means the precipice of death. But knowing that Nat’s death was near doesn’t make it any less sad.

In addition to paralleling young Nat’s storyline, her death also plays into young Misty’s story this season. In Episode 5, Misty accidentally contributes to the death of her best friend Krystal (Nuha her Jess her Isman) and she fatefully ends up falling off a cliff. History repeats itself when it comes to Nat, and in the aftermath of her Nat’s death, she sobs that Misty killed her best friend in Walter’s arms. How will this guilt affect her in the future?

Ben Coach burns everything down.

A man on crutches in a snowy forest.

A man on crutches in a snowy forest.

Steven Kruger in “Yellowjackets”. Credit: Kailey Schwerman / Showtime

As we sort through our feelings about Nat’s death, yellow jacket The team’s hut burns down, leaving Yellowjacket with no shelter for the rest of the winter. And who is responsible, you may ask. It’s none other than Ben Coach (Steven Kruger).

After discovering Javi’s underground lair (and that Javi is on the menu), Ben is ready to run away from a gang of teenage cannibals. He pleads with Nat to come with him, but at this point she is too absorbed in the wilderness. Hours before becoming Yellowjacket’s leader, she told him, “You really don’t deserve to be here.”

Ben watches in horror as Nat tries to steal a match to start a fire in his new house. And even though we don’t get to see him actually start the fire, it’s pretty clear who’s to blame in that moment of the match.

At this point, he’s horrified by the team and how much they’ve devoted themselves to nature. To ensure his own survival and prevent them from going any further, Ben sees killing them as the only option. It’s a particularly brutal act by the team’s former authority figure, but it completely changed the game heading into Season 3. Now that Camp Yellowjackets has been forced into an outdoor experience, how will the team survive the rest of the season? wild? And how will they be able to pay for Ben’s home overhaul?

yellow jacket Season 2 is now streaming on Showtime.

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