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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5 will be integrated with Adidas Running via Google Assistant

A few months ago, Google announced some new features for Wear OS-based smartwatches. These features included new tiles for favorite contacts, sunrise times, and sunset times. It also provided Adidas voice command shortcuts that run through Google Assistant. The feature is now rolling out to Samsung’s Wear OS-based Galaxy Watches.

Galaxy Watches can initiate run tracking via Google Assistant voice commands on Adidas Running

Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series users can now ask Google Assistant to start running on Adidas via voice commands, launch the Adidas Running app and start running. , the user must install the Adidas Running app on the smartwatch and log in to an existing account. This feature makes it very easy to start a workout as users don’t need to open the app launcher to take any extra steps. step.

According to Google, it’s very easy to implement Google Assistant integration using built-in intents. Fitness-related apps can also use Health Connect and Health Service’s APIs to easily create great workout experiences. Therefore, we expect more fitness and health apps to offer such features in the future.

Together with Samsung, Google has made significant improvements to Wear OS. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are the first smartwatches to run the improved Wear OS 3 operating system. Thanks to their collaboration, millions of Galaxy Watch users now have a full ecosystem of apps and services through the Play Store, and Google is gaining more users on its previously struggling platform. increase.

Adidas Run Google Assistant Integration Wear OS

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