Rick Ross presents $300,000 in jewelry to car show winners

Rick Ross is gearing up to host his second annual auto show in the coming weeks, announcing that this year’s winner will be rewarded with icy and expensive prizes.

Rosay took to Instagram on Thursday (May 25) to show off a collection of jewelry worth over $300,000. That includes a shiny custom chain tailored to the owner of the car that is given away as a prize to the owner of the winning vehicle in that category.

At the second annual auto show held on June 3rd.

“This is the first time we reveal what it’s like to be a winner at the Rick Ross Kershow,” the MMG boss said in the video during a break in criticism of Kershow rival DJ Envy. said in

“This heavyweight. This will give you over $300,000 in rewards. Bottom line is the strongest car, best bike. Top line – Hustler of the Year and Best of the Year.” hot rod.”

Ross continued to hype up the car show, which takes place on June 2 at his sprawling Promiseland estate in Georgia, likening it to the Olympic Games because of the prized neck piece available.

“I’m down at Promiseland. It’s like a party, it’s like a barbecue,” he added. “At one of them, everyone was wearing masks, but the situation didn’t go down. It’s like the Olympics. Rose gold, white gold instead of silver.”

There’s been a sort of arms race going on between Rick Ross and DJ Envy lately. breakfast club We will be co-hosting his car shows in Memphis and Houston over the next few weeks.

What started as light trash talk quickly turned into a personal dig, with Rosay dragging Envy’s family into a fray and DJ donning a police uniform. breakfast clubmocked the rapper’s past duties as a prison officer.

Rick Ross celebrates official car show approval despite police concerns

Rick Ross celebrates official car show approval despite police concerns

Ross hit back at Envy’s “Cosman Ricky” impression with typical behind-the-scenes offerings of pool cleaning jobs for the kids and a special “pickleball paddle polishing” position for his wife.

“I envy DJ,” Rosay exclaimed in an Instagram video. “I know you’re still working on the Charlamagne Breakfast show, but when you’re done, this is your second pool. And what do you think I want this time? ?

“I want you and your sons to come out and set up a DJ booth and I want your sons to breakdance here and have them sing along to the Beastie Boys. I want you to breakdance Licensed to sick. “Brass Monkey”. I will call it that. DJ Envias, aka Brass Monkey. ”

He went on to say: “Here’s her second pool, envy, and I didn’t get mine like you had. Someone attacked my daughter, so I filed a lawsuit.” We didn’t. If you file a lawsuit, we’ll go crazy.”

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