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Rachel Ramiro | There’s a holistic approach, but sometimes you have to hack

These days, there is no silver bullet for complete and comprehensive health. To be healthy in 2023, we need something akin to the Golden Triangle: passion, education and purpose. Enter Rachelle Ramiro, founder of Revive & Rejuvenate, the intersection of health, fitness and wellness innovations. With an extensive background in nursing, Ramiro started the company from scratch. Since then, she has proven her high-quality practices and earned clients who continue to reap the benefits of them. Offers. On the health side, the company offers her a variety of vitamin shots, including B12, vitamin C, glutathione, zinc, and vitamin D, as well as custom IV infusion hydration. For fitness, R&R offers amino acids and skinny shots, peptide therapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. In terms of beauty and skin care, the company offers botox, microneedle, and near-infrared masks. Our customers are people who want the best, and we aim to provide the best possible care for everyone. But of course, you can’t get here without work. Ramiro has double her board certification as a Pediatric and Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner and has over 14 years of experience as a Registered Nurse and over 9 years as a Nurse Practitioner. This provided the foundation for her R&R that Ramiro launched at the peak of the pandemic. Building a business during a global crisis is a challenging feat and has proven difficult for Ramiro, but with the encouragement and support of others she has made her Revive & Rejuvenate where it is today. endured and nurtured.

Flount spoke to the entrepreneur about her take on health, the challenges she faces as a small business owner, and simple steps to practice self-care.

What made you transition from nurse to nurse to entrepreneur?

I started working in a hospital pediatrics department, but wanted more control and management of my patients. The only way I could do it and make a difference was to go back to school and get my master’s degree. As a nurse practitioner, I can diagnose and provide recommendations, but as an RN, I follow the directions of my doctor and nurse her practitioner. After that, I made a big difference in my patient’s life.

Can you pinpoint the moment you decided this was what you wanted to do?

I have worked in pediatrics for many years. I was right against the management of his nephew’s doctor, he was diagnosed with a rare liver disease and needed a liver transplant. I was one of a family healthy enough to donate him part of my liver. Top of the list, he got the liver. But I was thinking, “What can I do to keep my family healthy?” “What can I do to help my parents live healthier and longer?” So I started researching anti-aging and thinking, “What can I do to extend my life?” People always tell me I’m tired, I’m old, and I can’t do what I used to do. That’s when I got really passionate. And that’s how I got involved with NAD IV, peptides, saunas, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and biohacking.

What does ‘biohacking’ mean to you and what have you learned from researching biohacking?

Biohacking to me means readjusting the typical aging process to ensure a longer lifespan and a longer quality of life. A more accurate term might be health optimization. Luckily, a wealth of information on the subject is readily available online and on podcasts. Things like Joe Rogan’s interviews with Andrew Huberman and David Sinclair were able to satisfy this growing appetite for knowledge.

Do you think your nephew’s health experience shaped your view of health?

that’s right. Life is a crazy road and my nephew had no choice. He’s our warrior baby who started fighting to be here. He is on anti-rejection medication, which means he will be on medication for the rest of his life.

We have chosen! ! ! Some people are born healthy, while others decide to remain unhealthy. Also, some children are born with the disease. That’s why I wanted to work with children from the beginning. Because they didn’t have many options. I tried to educate young people so that they would be able to make better decisions on their own even when they became adults.

As someone new to the wellness space, could you give us an elevator pitch on Revive and Rejuvenate features?

Revive & Rejuvenate is a company that helps you feel rejuvenated and rejuvenated from the inside out. In addition to offering beauty treatments and weight loss supplements, we also offer health and fitness services. The most important aspects of health are exercise and nutrition. These two things are necessary for good health. And it’s not even a service I sell. To do it or not is a choice people have to make. I ask How active are you? ”

Apart from that, supplements can help but complement what you are already doing that can help with energy production and the services we offer provide a faster absorption pathway. , minerals, aminos and antioxidants, focusing on supplementing an individual’s diet. I don’t want to rely on people – it’s just a supplement. what kind of water do you drink? It’s also important. Knowledge is powerful. i won’t sell it It’s free if you want to learn. It’s a challenge for those who run a business, run a family, or are busy with life in general. I understand that too. That’s why this is a way to biologically hack your life. After all, everyone has a busy day… You can work hard and make a lot of money, but that money means nothing if you don’t prioritize your health and wellness. You’ll be spending all that money later on trying to get your time and health back.

What do you think were the ups and downs of trying this business? Both as an entrepreneur and as a person?

I started my business during Covid so I had to change my business model. When I first started my hopes were: But then covid hit and no one could see. So I decided to make a private visit. During that time, most people were not working and had no money. I had another setback. I had my car broken into. I had a lot of stuff in my car, including medical supplies and equipment, but everything was stolen. Some parcels were sent to my place and it had been stolen as well. Even though I lost over 10 million yen, I didn’t get a single yen back. I was depressed and sad and thought, ‘Is this too much for me? And, “Don’t give up. You make a difference. You make people feel really good.” Clients are the ones who pushed me forward and believed in me.

Do you think that’s part of the perseverance of being your own boss?

absolutely. Many people said, “Thank you so much for being here.” Because it makes me feel good about myself, like, “Thank you for helping me lose weight, I needed a push” or “I was really sick and you came and made me feel better.” . That’s what keeps me going. I love my clients and I love their stories. It’s all word of mouth. I have a website, but I don’t pay for advertising. So the clients I have are because someone told someone about me.

It’s amazing. I feel that what we are doing only by word of mouth speaks to the goodness of the service.

i will try everything. Everything I sell, I’ve done. First of all, because I wanted to make sure it worked. We don’t sell things that don’t work. Some people lie about their products, underprice their products, or don’t provide great customer service, but I can keep my clients because they trust me and know I will take care of them. And I think you are. .

What steps are you taking to practice self-care?

I now make time to do my NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) treatment once a month. But it helps me feel more energetic and get more work done. I also exercise at least four times a week. Exercise helps my mental health. When I first started, it didn’t matter what time people called me or texted me. I always respond to them. And now, at some point, I stop answering work calls. Setting boundaries also helped a lot. I also enjoy eating. I do a lot of intermittent fasting, so when I eat, I’m like, ‘Okay, now it’s time to enjoy this meal and take a break.

What would you say is the most rewarding thing you do for your practice or clients?

The most rewarding thing is making a difference in people’s lives and empowering them to feel confident. It makes me happy when people tell me how I feel or how I look. I love bringing happiness and confidence to them to give them a better quality of life.

Finally, what are you looking forward to?

We are very excited to open our new wellness space. It includes a hyperbaric chamber, an infrared sauna, a red light sauna, and oral supplements. The company is called CEO2 Health. He currently has one at his private gym in Hollywood and plans to lease it at a hotel.

Photographed by Jonathan Mark Hendrick

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