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The Internet is essential to our daily life. But one in five Californians has affordable, reliable broadband. He doesn’t have the internet, devices, or the skills to use them. Known as the digital divide, many people are unable to find jobs, advance their careers, participate in online education, or access health care and essential government services.

The California Department of Technology (CDT) has developed one of the nation’s most accessible and innovative digital equity surveys to help make broadband a reality for all Californians. This study will help identify digital asset barriers and needs for Californians living in underserved or underserved communities and will help inform the state’s digital asset plans. . The plan, if submitted and approved by the NTIA, would qualify the State of California to provide additional funding to ensure that all Californians have access to digital assets. Affordable and reliable broadband internet services, devices and skills training.

The survey is mobile-friendly, available in English and 13 other languages, and allows you to listen to audio-recorded questions to gather a wide range of opinions, including responses from Californians with visual or reading disabilities There is also a voice option. The survey also includes an interactive speed test, allowing users to measure their internet speed in real time and report it in their survey responses.

do research for your family now. His deadline for collecting feedback is June 30, 2023. Please hurry.

i need your strength

Dear Organization Leaders, we need your help to bring real help to the Californians who need digital equity services the most. The CDT is asking for your input to create a digital equity plan that works for all Californians.

We are committed to sharing our Digital Equity Survey with our community for all individuals, agencies, businesses and organizations looking to ensure Californians have the connections, devices and skills to thrive in the digital age. I am calling you to

Share your survey using the partner toolkit as a guide.

We’ve also put together detailed instructions for sharing your survey as widely as possible. To access see here: English | Spanish.


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