Pasha Fine Jewelery suffers second robbery in one year.Manhattan Beach, CA – Manhattan Beach News

Update: Seven suspects arrested in Pasha robbery.

Pasha Fine Jewelry in downtown Manhattan Beach suffered its second robbery in less than a year Wednesday night.

(Photo by a resident who was parked outside Pasha)

The Manhattan Beach Police Department issued the following statement Wednesday night.

On Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 5:53 pm, the Manhattan Beach Police Department responded to Pasha Fine Jewelry (217 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) regarding a smash and grab robbery. Multiple suspects broke into a jewelry store, used hammers to smash display cases, and fled the store with miscellaneous goods. The suspect fled the scene by getting into a waiting car and heading south down an alley. Several suspects were armed with what appeared to be handguns. No shots were fired. Detectives have been notified and an investigation is underway.

MBPD detectives will ask community members who witnessed this incident, who personally took videos or photographs, or who have information related to this incident to contact detectives. Michaelson at (310) 802-5121 or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, the MBPD Tip Line at (310) 802-5171.

Pasha was armed robbery in June 2022

Pasha experienced an armed robbery on June 24, 2022. It was just before 7pm, when it was still light outside and the downtown area was bustling with diners and shoppers.
During the robbery, multiple suspects entered a jewelry store, smashed display cases with hammers, and fled the store with miscellaneous items, according to the Manhattan Beach Police Department. , escaped from the scene by heading south down an alley. At least he had three suspects armed with what appeared to be handguns. No shots were fired.
A video widely circulated on social media showed the suspect grabbing a jewel in a display case. Then there were 11 suspects, mostly dressed in dark clothes, all with their heads and faces covered.

“This case is very important to us, the investigation is ongoing, and the amount of work Detective Mickelson has already put into this is, quite simply, amazing,” Johnson said. “But not everything we have in front of us is as probative as you might think.”

For example, in a June robbery, the license plate of a fleeing car was captured on video and in photographs, but that doesn’t necessarily lead to the criminal. another car.

As to whether the police should have pursued the vehicle, she said, “Our decision to pursue the car was based on the situation at hand at the time, and one of the things we always consider is: It’s the seriousness of the accident, not only the crime, but also the public endangerment of the pursuit.”

“Pasha and [last June]”We were pretty close to the car, but we couldn’t see it,” Johnson said. We couldn’t actually see the car, so we couldn’t follow it.When you don’t see a car leaving the city, you drive very fast and it’s not safe.”

So our decision to pursue that crime, or any crime, is based on the severity of the crime we have and other factors,” Johnson continued. Based on the belt, even if we could see the car, like when we called in Vons, we stopped tracking it because it wasn’t safe.”

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