Woody Allen has ‘no intention of retiring,’ director’s rep says

A representative for Woody Allen has denied reports that the embattled filmmaker is retiring, after an article in a Spanish newspaper quoted him as saying his current film Wasp 22 would be his swan song.

Before filming the new project in Paris, the 86-year-old filmmaker spoke to Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. The daily had quoted him as saying, “My idea, in principle, is not to make more films and concentrate on writing.” In the statement shared with entertainment outlet Variety, Allen’s rep said the director currently has “no intention of retiring.”

“Woody Allen never said he was retiring, or that he was writing another novel.

“He said that he thinks not to make films, because making films that go directly or very quickly to streaming platforms is not so pleasant for him, because he is a big lover of cinematic experience. Currently, he has no intention of retiring and is very happy to be in Paris shooting his new film, which will be his 50th,” the representative said.

Previously, Allen had described Wasp 22 as “a kind of poisonous romantic thriller,” not unlike his 2005 film Match Point. In an interview with Alec Baldwin that streamed live on Instagram in June, the Oscar-winning multiple hinted at retirement, saying he planned to direct “one or two more movies.”

Allen, who faced backlash after his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow alleged he sexually abused her as a child, made headlines following the release of HBO’s 2021 docuseries Allen v .Farrow, which explored the allegations against him. The director has repeatedly denied the allegations.

He also had run-ins with publishing houses. Hachette canceled publication of Allen’s memoir About Nothing after staff protests, but it was picked up by another publisher, Arcade.

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