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Nationally Recognized Financial Services Industry Executive and Best-Selling Author Peter De Silva Receives Honorary Doctorate from Park University

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Published May 12, 2023

Peter J. De Silva, a nationally recognized financial services industry executive, community leader, and author of the best-selling book Taking Stock, will receive the Doctor of Humanities degree from Park University in Parkville, Missouri, May 6, 2023. was awarded the special honor of

Peter J. De Silva was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humanities on May 6, 2023. This is an honorary degree awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to society through their humanitarian, business and philanthropic contributions.

In addition to his deep involvement and business success with Park University, De Silva has also emerged as a community leader in Kansas City. As his CEO of UMB Bank, he has been involved in important community projects such as the restoration of Union Station, the development of the downtown Kansas City YMCA in Missouri, and the establishment of his UMKC Robert W. Plaster Free Enterprise and Research Center on the UMKC campus. spearheaded the project of . In addition, De Silva served as president of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce and on the board of the Civic Council, where he led many other civic projects.

Founded in 1875, Park University is a private, non-profit, four-year liberal arts institution of higher education whose mission is to transform lives through accessible, student-centered, high-quality higher education. The university was one of the first to introduce online education long before it became popular, serving a wide range of learners including traditional students, degree-seeking students and the U.S. military from 31 military base campus centers. offers.

Upon receiving this prestigious title, De Silva said: “Receiving an honorary doctorate from Mr. Park was a very humbling experience. I have great admiration for the university and its mission to provide quality, accessible education for all learners. Aspects of international and military education are unique to Pak University, a glorious demonstration of how U.S. higher education can extend its reach to all those willing to learn and grow. As an example, Park considers military education a high honor and takes it very seriously.”

When asked how his experience as a trustee and trustee at Park University helped him write a recent best-selling book, he replied: Inventory: 10 principles of life and leadership from my seat at the table De Silva continued:In my various roles at Park University, I have witnessed others achieve their dreams through hard work and determination, and I have also witnessed the power of collaboration inside and outside the classroom. Moreover, it became very clear that Mr. Park, through his involvement, added a strong and meaningful dimension to Kansas City’s great community. My time at the Park added some very important aspects to both my personal and professional leadership development and the experiences shared in the book. ”

Learn more about Peter J. de Silva, inventory check

Having held executive positions at TD Ameritrade, Scott Trade, UMB Financial Corporation, and Fidelity Investments, Peter de Silva brings an insider’s perspective to the financial and leadership crises that have rocked our nation. That his life experience and Peter’s work as a Harvard Senior Fellow. Officers of private companies and non-profit organizations. And his lifelong battle with a debilitating illness gives him a unique perspective, one you don’t want to miss. For more information, visit

Taking Inventory: 10 Principles of Life and Leadership from My Seat at the Table E-book, hardcover, and paperback editions available on Amazon.

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