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Mother and son graduated from the University of Georgia together

Roderick Hubbard (left) and his mother, Yolanda Hubbard (right), both already earning bachelor’s degrees from Albany State University, will be attending the Albany Civic Center on May 6 to receive their graduate degrees. passed the same stage. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube) .com/WALB News 10)

The mother-son duo continued the family legacy and started their own legacy by graduating side by side from Albany State University in Albany, Georgia.

According to the Albany Herald, Roderick Hubbard and his mother Yolanda Hubbard, who already earned their bachelor’s degrees from a historic black institution, will take the same stage at the Albany Civic Center on May 6. He passed and received a graduate degree from ASU.

The list of family members who attended ASU included Roderick’s grandmother, former Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard, as well as his wife, brother, sister-in-law, uncle and cousin.

Albany State University bachelor’s degree graduate Roderick Hubbard (left) and his mother Yolanda Hubbard (right) crossed the stage at the Albany Civic Center on May 6 to receive their graduate degrees. (Photo: Screenshot/ WALB News 10)

“We are so proud of what our daughter and grandson have achieved,” said Dorothy Hubbard, the Herald reported. “I cannot say enough about the Hubbard family’s belief in lifelong learning and education.”

Roderick Hubbard graduated from ASU with a Bachelor of Arts in Middle School Education in 2014 and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership in 2021. His most recent achievement is graduating with a prestigious Educational Professional degree in Educational Leadership.

Yolanda Hubbard received a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Sciences from ASU in 2011. She recently graduated with a Master of Public Administration degree with a focus on Human Resources.

The two often sat at the table together, completing assignments and encouraging each other to stay in school. Roderick helped her mother get used to online education.

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“This is an opportunity for us to celebrate our accomplishments together and reflect on the tremendous effort and dedication that has led us to this moment,” he said, according to the Herald. “I believe I am prouder of my mother than I am of myself.”

Yolanda Hubbard dedicated the new degree to her grandchildren who were thrilled to witness this momentous event.

“Whenever school or life gets tough, I can always remind Gigi of what she did long ago, so they can too,” she said, according to the Herald.

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The Hubbards are ready to use their degrees to go deeper into the workforce. Roderick, assistant principal at Morningside Elementary School, said he dreams of teaching at ASU after becoming principal and rising to district leadership. Yolanda works at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

They have already left their mark on Albany State University and will continue to support the university throughout the year.

“We belong to a long line of ASU graduates,” said Dorothy Hubbard, according to a Herald report, adding, “Our children, their children, and their children’s children.” It is important to me to see these achievements so that students can earn their degrees from ASU.”

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