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Misha Appoints Actress Elizabeth Olsen as Global Brand Ambassador

Elizabeth Olsen Featured in Missha’s Global “Beauty is Reality” Campaign Focused on Achievable Beauty

Seoul, South Korea, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Global beauty company Able C&C’s top-selling skincare brand Misha announced today that it has selected an actress. Elizabeth Olsen As the global ambassador and face of the new “Beauty is Reality” campaign.

Misha has announced the appointment of actress Elizabeth Olsen as its global brand ambassador for its Beauty is Real campaign.

Misha has announced the appointment of actress Elizabeth Olsen as its global brand ambassador for its Beauty is Real campaign.

Elizabeth Olsen She is an acclaimed actress known for her outstanding acting and good looks, playing the role of Scarlet Witch in the Marvel Studios films The Avengers and the TV series WandaVision.In South Korea, she appeared in the American version of the director’s work, increasing her presence. Park Chan– Wook’s film “Oldboy”.

Missha’s global brand campaign, “Beauty is Reality,” captures the beautiful moments of everyday life, demonstrating the idea that beauty should not be overly dramatized or based on exaggerated and extravagant sentiments.Chosen by Able C&C’s Misha Elizabeth Olsen A belief that her ambition and intelligence transcend her beauty and fame, is consistent with the unique message the campaign is trying to convey.

Elizabeth Olsen Said, “When Missha approached me with the ambassadorship opportunity, the most important factor was the message the brand wanted to convey.“She added,”Misha’s “Beauty is Reality” represents an innovative and actionable message that I can support.“Olsen continued.”Achieving exceptional quality does not necessarily require a hefty price tag. Misha’s goal is to make great products that everyone can afford, and I’m honored to be able to pass this value on to young women like myself.“Olsen personally uses the brand’s famous ampoules for a variety of skin care needs.

Since its launch in 2000, MISSHA has changed the consumption trend of the domestic beauty market by offering affordable and effective products. Through the brand’s latest initiative, Misha will continue to promote its long-established identity in the international market, further expanding its excellence in five best-selling ampoules that offer tailored solutions to a variety of skin concerns, thereby becoming a global brand. A new look that incorporates the brand’s heritage.

US release date May 15, 2023 At ▲ Vita C Plus Spot Correcting & Firming Ampoule (Brightening) ▲ Artemisia Calming Ampoule (Calming) ▲ Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule 5X (Smoothing) ▲ Time Revolution Prime Stem 100 Lifting Serum (Lifting) ▲ Bee Pollen Renew Ampoule (Nutritional).price $69.00 For each 75ml.

The redesigned MISSHA ampoule package combines a minimalist, easy-to-use design with the beauty of a triangular sculpture to reflect the brand’s dynamic identity. The color of each label represents the main ingredient of the corresponding ampoule, adding a sensory touch.

With the launch of this campaign, Able C&C’s Missha continues to thrive as a global beauty brand, expanding its presence in 46 countries and over 37,000 retailers around the world. Able C&C also continues to strengthen its position as a competitive global beauty company with products such as Missha, Apyu, Chogonjin, Stira, Therapy and Lapotissel.

About Misha
Missha is a global beauty brand known for its clinically proven, science-backed, high-quality, affordable skincare and makeup products. Based in Able C&C, a global top 100 manufacturer of skin care and beauty products, he is part of Able C&C’s beauty portfolio. Seoul, South Korea, Missha focuses on overall functionality, effectiveness, and balance. Missha’s products feature a proprietary blend of patented ingredients, a unique probiotic fermentation method, and advanced absorption technology that delivers select active ingredients deep into the skin. For more information about Missha, visit or follow the brand on Instagram @Missha_US and TikTok @Missha.Official.

About Able C&C
original Seoul, South Korea, Able C&C is a first-generation beauty company and a global top 100 manufacturer of skin care and beauty products. Able C&C, which launched as a beauty retailer in a Korean subway station 20 years ago, has grown to become his third largest K-beauty maker in South Korea. Korea“Able” stands for Challenge Spirit, “C&C” stands for “Creation and Communication”, and Able C&C is rooted in innovation and our founding mission to make quality beauty products accessible and affordable. increase. ABLE C&C lives up to these core values ​​every day through its global beauty and skincare brands. For more information about Able C&C and its brands, please visit

Missha's Global Edition Ampoule contains five of the brand's best-selling skin care serums.

Missha’s Global Edition Ampoule contains five of the brand’s best-selling skin care serums.



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