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Michael B. Jordan was included on this year’s Time 100 list after a banner year in which he participated in his first feature film directing project. Creed III, a movie in which he also starred as Adonis Creed. This week, Jordan attended the Time 100 gala, praising his players for Hollywood power with a sophisticated, brightly-hued look, pairing a perfectly tailored suit with diamonds on his jewelery to give his look a different look. His award for leveling up his show continued his season winning streak.

At Wednesday night’s gala, Jordan was styled by Jason Bolden in a Tom Ford lavender suit with a white collared shirt and dark purple tie, proving once again that he’s not afraid to play with bold colors. He rocked this look the same day Tom Ford quietly announced he had designed the last collection for the Tom Ford brand. scene. At the Jordan Gala, he already represented one beloved brand: Tiffany & Co. Creed II It premiered in London and Los Angeles and won an Oscar last year. At the Time 100 Gala, Bolden completed Jordan’s look with a smaller version of his two thin diamond bracelets from Tiffany & Co. and his usual diamond stud earrings.

Jordan has been showing off his playfulness in fashion for years. Just Mercy Back in 2020. Creed III At this year’s press tour, Jordan good morning america Wearing a bright red double-breasted Gucci suit, scenery Dressed in a hot pink Versace cardigan, these romantic, traditionally feminine hues perfectly capture Jordan’s quiet confidence and rugged masculinity throughout.

black panther Writing about Jordan’s inclusion on the Time 100 list, director Ryan Coogler says the actor-director has been in the business for 24 years and is still breaking new barriers.

“This year’s Creed III, He took on a new role as a feature film director and handled it calmly.I knew he would,” Coogler wrote time. “I knew Mike had it in him, because in more than a quarter of a century of work, he had been given nothing. I strongly believe that the work of is still to come.”

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