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While many attended the coronation of Charles III last weekend, Meghan stayed at her home in Montecito to spend time with her two children (and went on some fancy hikes around the area). (Shhh!) Many people tried to pick her up when she wasn’t going to her coronation, and many tried to wave their fingers at her attire during the hike. (We know, we don’t understand either.) But her keen-eyed fans have noticed that Meghan actually chooses her hiking outfits carefully. . Because if you look close enough, you can see that she’s subtly paying her respects to Princess Diana.

Photos obtained by The Express show Meghan wearing multiple pieces of jewelry that previously belonged to Princess Diana. First, she wore the iconic Cartier watch gifted to her by Prince Harry, as well as a Cartier diamond her tennis bracelet.

This isn’t the first time Meghan has paid tribute to Princess Diana by wearing jewelry. She wore the Princess Diana collection from her wedding day when she wore Princess Diana’s famous aquamarine ring. Since then, she has tried to honor her late mother-in-law as best she can.

Many fans also consider this a subtle diss to Charles. If you were on Twitter before the coronation, you would have seen more posts from users showing more support for Princess Diana than for Charles, and many said this was also Meghan’s way of showing solidarity with Princess Diana. of people believe

Either way, she looked gorgeous, and we love the sparkling royal jewelry moment!

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