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Martha Stewart’s Secret to Firm and Elastic Skin

Martha Stewart’s dermatologist, Daval G. Bhanusari, shared tips on how Martha keeps her skin glowing and youthful. Plus, he talks about one of the ingredients he swears by to keep aging skin firm and elastic.

Earlier this month, Martha Stewart became the oldest woman to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, marking a major career milestone for lifestyle mogul Martha Stewart. Of course, Martha is known for her lifestyle and kitchen ideas and recipes, but she’s also held some ground as a beauty and skincare influencer, and the 81-year-old’s glowing, youthful skin is one of the best. It inspires people.

Contrary to what the public has speculated, Martha gave an interview shortly after her Sports Illustrated cover, insisting she never had plastic surgery. So the question remains. How the hell did Martha Stewart’s skin get so good?! We’ve covered some important tips to keep your skin looking healthy and toned. And we’re stealing them all.

Martha Stewart

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There are many skin care ingredients touted by estheticians and dermatologists as effective in their skin care routine, but according to Dr. Bhanusari, the ingredients Martha uses that work best in terms of effectiveness are retinol creams and dermatologists. Serum.

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