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LUMENE showcases Nordic-inspired beauty and skincare solutions at first-ever branding ceremony held in China

Shanghai, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Finnish skincare brand LUMENE held its first brand ceremony. China upon April 18, 2023with the theme “Beauty from the Light of the Arctic”, showcases the company’s philosophy of combining Arctic purity with the latest technology to create effective and sustainable skin care solutions. Johann MerrinChief Commercial Officer (CCO) of LUMENE, and Victor GibsonUK General Manager, China LUMENE’s New Strategic Market took viewers on an immersive journey to their Nordic homeland, showcasing 50 years of the brand’s history and innovations inspired by pristine nature. Finland.

The event took place in Changsha, is a vibrant and innovative city with a thriving creative, cultural and entertainment industry. Unlike Tier-1 cities such as Beijing and Shanghairepresented by new Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities with urban populations of just 80 million Changsha, with an urban population of approximately 500 million and emerging consumer groups seeking fashion, health, leisure and quality. The city’s thriving economy provides an unparalleled opportunity for LUMENE to connect with beauty enthusiasts, while working closely with brands to expand its footprint with partners, industry experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs). We provide a unique platform for engagement.Across China.

Attendees performed an impressive opening dance to give guests their first impressions of the LUMENE brand “Beauty Born of Arctic Light”. Next, TVC will focus on the company’s Nordic roots, skincare expertise, and signature products that are garnering accolades from customers around the world. It is also the first announcement of brand positioning, marketing and product strategy for

The brand story, which is the origin of LUMENE, is developed in a “retrospective form”. Victor GibsonUK General Manager, China and LUMENE’s New Strategic Market take the stage and invite the audience for a virtual tour. Finland In it, he introduced the brand’s features, product line-up, and LUMENE’s ingredients, which are derived from Nordic nature. FinlandUsing a unique collection of Nordic natural ingredients, including the world’s purest Arctic ice spring water and powerful Arctic light energy, LUMENE offers pure, natural and effective skin care products, all We want to bring the philosophy of natural, radiant beauty to consumers.

At the event, LUMENE also presented awards to KOLs and channel distributors, thanking them for their efforts in expanding brand awareness and presence. China. In addition, Johann Merrintook this opportunity to share LUMENE’s future strategy and thanked the brand’s Chinese partner S’Young International for its contribution to the brand’s development.He also asked all attendees Finland Embark on an in-depth journey to experience and trace the origins of the various Nordic natural ingredients that LUMENE discovers in coasts, glaciers and forests.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2018, LUMENE has achieved excellent market performance. China Partners have helped brands build strong sales channels, a strong social media presence and a complete operational chain for the brand. identified their customers’ needs and matched their product features with their essentials to create the best-selling hero product in the Chinese market, the Nordic Hydra 24-Hour Moisturizer.

take advantage of nature’s gift from Finnish Together with its partners, LUMENE unlocks the next chapter of growth while sharing the power of natural ingredients from the Nordic lands with everyone.

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