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Ludacris says he and ‘Fast X’ co-star Vin Diesel share this parenting move

Ludacris confides in raising four daughters.  (Photo: Getty)

Ludacris confides in raising four daughters. (Photo: Getty)

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Ludacris is a Grammy Award-winning musician, a rapper performing to packed audiences, and an actor staring at blockbuster movies. But none of these achievements provided what he describes as “the best feeling in the world.” The honor is spending time with all four of his daughters, ages 2 to his 21.

Given your jam-packed schedule, it can be hard to squeeze out quality family time. The “What’s Your Fantasy” singer is currently touring with Janet Jackson and directing a children’s show for Netflix that he created. world of karma, and is preparing for the release of his new film this month. Fast Xpart of Fast & Furious franchise.

“If you try too hard, I’ll bring you. I’ll fly you to where you are,” says 45-year-old Ludacris. “[Fast & Furious franchise producer and actor] Vin Diesel is very good at that,” he adds. He can be anywhere in the world. If he’s shooting a movie, fly his whole family to him. I was already like that, but it felt good to see someone as busy as I was.

Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, has one thing that everyone likes to do when his daughters are all together. It’s about playing games. That’s when his family started selling new Kellogg’s Rice Krispy Treats in his campaign “Eat. Treat. Competition.”

Starting May 8, shoppers will be able to purchase a limited-edition game kit containing five different games and Rice Krispy treats. The kit is $20 and will be available until May 20th while supplies last. Not only are families participating in fun and delicious fun, the Boys and Girls Club of America can also benefit from the purchase of game kits. Organizations that foster safe spaces for children will receive donations of over $100,000 on behalf of Rice Krispies Treats and Ludacris, plus proceeds from each game set sold.

“I want to bring the fun back to snack time around the world,” says Ludacris, who remembers enjoying Rice Crispy treats from a young age. That was part of the fun because it can get sticky from the outside.”

The sticky treats are used as rewards in Ludacris’ house. We will get it, but this can be difficult, he says.

His house is stocked with games like Monopoly, Clue, Uno and Kids Against Maturity. Competition is always there in any game.

“There’s a rule that no matter who wins, everyone has to congratulate that person, but sometimes that can be a little tricky,” says Ludacris. “With his 8-year-old and her 9-year-old at home, it can get competitive, but I’m learning not to be the underdog.”

There’s a lot of laughter, jokes, and silly things going on, but Ludacris says his parenting style can be a little strict.

“I ride a fine line between being strict and wanting to be friends with them,” he says. “They know I’m a parent, but they can also talk to me like a friend.”

His four girls are getting cool dad points for seeing him in work mode, whether he’s acting or performing in front of a crowd. increase. Even his youngest is starting to understand what his dad does and loves it.SocialHer media posts show her dancing backstage at his concerts. It has been.

That’s when they think their dad is “the greatest man ever.” But he likes to keep the girls nervous.

“I sing and do silly things because I’m a silly guy who likes to have fun. Sometimes I embarrass them in front of my friends,” says Ludacris. “This is what parents should do.”

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