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Local Piedmont student wins regional spelling bee

Fight for national title in June

For the second year in a row, Queen Bee Angel Kanette made headlines for her spelling talent as she won the Stride Area Spelling Bee, representing the Cyber ​​Academy of South Carolina (CASC). The event was organized by Her K12, a Stride, Inc. company that offers both private and public virtual school options to K-12 students nationwide.

“Spelling Bee is a long-standing tradition of providing a fun and competitive way for students to hone their skills, learn new words and make friends,” said CASC Executive Director Nicky Batson. “CASC students are precocious, love a good challenge, and always look forward to events. is an important way to provide a clear path for skill development.”

Angel, a 15-year-old sophomore from Boiling Springs, South Carolina, is one of 30 regional winners in grades 3-12 who will meet in Reston, Virginia on June 7 for the national title of spelling bee. People. She played against 11 students.

What is her word for victory? plenty. What is the most challenging word she has spelled?

Angel is used to competition. She says preparing for her spelling bee is not a cramming, but a culmination of focused, self-study, and the confidence she’s gained from the many other academic and sporting events she’s attended. Also, practice spelling from a list of 4,000 words. Six days a week, she makes the hour-long drive to and from the dojo, where she trains as an elite karate player and competitor.

“I’m excited and ready to fly to Virginia for another chance at the National Spelling Bee, where I finished second last year,” says Angel. “It’s fun to meet all my classmates from all over the country and make new friends. We all have virtual learning in common. It’s great to see if you are.” A few years ago, I met my best friend at the National Beta Club competition. ”

Angel’s sister is also a CASC alumnus and received high honors during her time at the academy. Their mother, Elisa Canete, attributes their academic success to the autonomy, focus and perseverance they learned in karate and virtual school. “No matter what they start, they are determined to finish. And when things get tough, they work harder and find ways to get through,” she says.

This will be our third annual K12 Spelling Bee. The 1st and 2nd place winners from each region will participate by air. Angel will be joined by Kaylen Gregg of another K-12 virtual school, the Florida Digital Academy. You can reserve your spot for the National Convention here.

The following prizes will be awarded to the winners of elementary, middle and high school students from all over the country.

  • 1st place, a $2,500 Amazon e-gift card, and a Microsoft Surface tablet

  • 2nd Place, $1,000 Amazon eGift Card

  • 3rd place, $500 Amazon e-gift card

About South Carolina Cyber ​​Academy

The South Carolina Cyber ​​Academy (CASC) is an online public school program at The Charter Institute in Erskine, serving students throughout South Carolina. CASC is tuition-free, allowing parents and families to enroll in a unique K-12 curriculum and engaging curriculum and tools provided by Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading provider of online education programs. given the option to access the For more information on CASC, please visit:


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