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Lizzo denies the idea that plus-size people should do strength training just to ‘get overweight’

Lizzo in attendance for the 2023 Met Gala Karl Lagerfeld Beauty Line at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY on May 1, 2023 Photo by Lexie Morelandwwd via Getty Images

Lizzo says she’s not trying to lose weightLexi Moreland – Getty Images

Lizzo knows that there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than losing weight.

In a new video posted earlier this week, the “Truth Hurts” singer responded to a TikTok user who expressed a desire to connect with other plus-size people who care about fitness and health, but that it was “getting away from obesity.” ‘It wasn’t for the sake of it.

“i know that [with] What I do is lose weight, but I’m not trying to avoid being overweight,” said TikTok user @tiffriahgrande.

“The emphasis is on ‘not trying to get away from the fat,’ which is tough,” Lizzo said in response.

The Grammy winner went on to explain that while she enjoys a physically demanding career, she never decided to work out afterward to lose weight. Instead, she prioritizes her health and her exercise to make her feel better on the inside.

“I have a very performative job. I have to choreograph, sing, dance, rap for 90 minutes every night. Hmm, and I have to play the flute, and I have to express my emotions,” she said. “As I became more professional in my career, I took the physical part more seriously. “When I say ‘health conscious’, it’s very heavy, but I’m very holistic and I’m very hippie when it comes to food and supplements, and I’m woo-woo.” Like, I think only about my body and the environment.”

And Lizzo shrugged off the judgment that people are often projected onto people who are similar to themselves. “I think a lot of people look at fat people that way and quickly assume that everything they’re doing is to lose weight. I’m not trying to lose weight. I want to lose weight. I never think,” she said. .

“When my body fluctuates from this size, will I get a little smaller, depending on some of the choices I make? Or will I get a little bigger, depending on some choices in life? Yes I’m used to fluctuations, but the goal is always here,” she added, pointing to her head. “Exercise helped me change my mind, not my body. My body changes. Everyone’s body changes. That’s life. That’s human existence. You ‘ Your baby and your body will continue to change forever until it stops, and will continue to change after that, because you will become dust, but accept the fact that your body changes. , that’s part of the change.”

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