Lily Collins jewelry theft suspect identified

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May 11, 2023 | 1:50 AM

Lily Collins has her engagement and wedding rings stolen from a West Hollywood spa.Lyric Collins/Instagram

Things are going a bit “The Nancy Drew Mysteries of West Hollywood.”

TMZ reported Monday that Lily Collins visited the luxury spa at the EDITION Hotel on Sunset Boulevard over the weekend and locked up her engagement and wedding bands before enjoying the facilities.

According to the site, when she came back from a relaxing session, she found the boring things gone.

Well, Page Six heard that a hodgepodge of amateur detectives made up of the star’s friends, hotel officials, random guests, and assorted other intrigued parties has identified the suspect.

There’s a lot of (somewhat gleefully said) speculation about “inside jobs” and undercover figures, but sources say the number of apparent thefts will take place, according to hotel officials. A woman had been spotted at the spa several times the previous day and staff looked her up in the registration system to see if she knew anything about the absent glitter.

However, when I tried to call the registered number, it hung up. very i doubt it! They now speculate that she checked in under her pseudonym.

Director Charlie McDowell gifted Collins with Eileen Neuwirth’s engagement ring in 2020.
Lily Collins / Instagram

We’re told there are surveillance cameras of a woman, but police have yet to identify her.

A source told TMZ that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy is investigating and “there was no evidence of forced entry into the area where Lily’s belongings were kept.”

The missing item is said to be worth more than $10,000.

Director Charlie McDowell gifted the star of ‘Emily in Paris’ with a rare engagement ring custom-designed by Eileen Neuwirth in September 2020. The yellow gold ring holds diamonds around the stone’s equator so fans can stare straight through the rock and see Collins’ fingers underneath.

Police are investigating the alleged theft.
Getty Images
The chic Edition Hotel is located in West Hollywood.
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Diamond expert Maxwell Stone on Monday estimated the value of the ring, made of an “ultra-rare” pale pink stone weighing about two to three carats, at about $90,000.

The two married in September 2021 in Dutton Hot Springs, Colorado.

The ‘Emily in Paris’ star dated McDowell for over a year and got engaged in September 2020.

I did not hear back from the hotel and Collins representatives.

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