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Julianne Moore’s Beauty and Skincare Habits

Welcome to Beauty Around the Clock. Each week, Marie Claire takes a peek into the daily lives of some of the industry’s most innovative women. Ever wondered how she does it all in one day?Here’s your answer.

Ask Julianne Moore about her beauty routine, and she explains the importance of a pampering bath after a busy day, offers a laundry list of ways to extend your blowouts throughout the week, and uses sunscreen. Emphasize non-negotiability. But what about makeup? Well, let’s just say her outlook has evolved a bit. “When I was growing up, you were supposed to wear makeup. It was how you presented yourself to the world and looked professional,” she says. Marie Claire“The world has changed and people no longer wear makeup in the same way. Now we wear makeup to enhance it.” [our features] Or because you’re in a festive mood. It feels like you don’t have to wear it anymore. This is great. ”

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