Jewelry retailer Kendra Scott makes Mother’s Day a holiday

Kendra Scott Store Manager, Downtown Summerlin Retail in Las Vegas, Jillian Williams...

Jewelry retailer Kendra Scott will celebrate Mother’s Day beyond holiday-themed gifts for customers, offering company holidays and holiday benefits for retail employees.

The company will close its headquarters and distribution center on Monday to observe “Mother’s Day Monday,” a corporate holiday that gives employees paid time off to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Kendra Scott’s retail stores will remain open that day, but employees who work on Mother’s Day will be paid a half hour leave rate for their shift.

This is the second year Kendra Scott has celebrated Mother’s Day with Mother’s Day Monday, according to company spokeswoman Ashley Ford.

Kendra Scott plans to celebrate the holiday by serving lunch to employees on Saturday, separate from her holiday pay, said Gillian Williams, manager of the Downtown Summerlin store, but Saturday is her busiest day of the year. It is said that it is one.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, our Summerlin store hosts multiple charity events, with 20% of sales going to local charities. Williams said the charities the store is working with this weekend are Goodwill, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Just One Project.

Williams praised Kendra Scott for taking care of both her and her team’s needs beyond the Mother’s Day holiday.

“I’ve really grown as a mother, but I’ve been able to work as a manager without taking work home and I’m still very successful at my job,” Williams said.

Williams said Kendra Scott has encouraged her to serve the needs of store employees and praised the company, which has worked as a manager for 18 years in the retail industry, for making it stand out among the three companies.

Williams and her team can’t take “Mother’s Day Monday” off like their colleagues who work in the company’s office or distribution center, but they do have an alternative to work for both Mother’s Day and other important events. She said her company encourages her to make time for her family. holiday.

“It’s clear that being in retail around Thanksgiving and Christmas is the busiest time of the year after Mother’s Day. We can do that,” Williams said. “We do everything we can to make sure they are still able to (celebrate), happy and want to go to work.”

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