Jewelery Story Moves from Appleseed Center to Ace Hardware Plaza

Miller’s Diamond Jewelry keeps moving.

The longtime staple of the Appleseed Center recently moved to Ace Hardware Plaza on Lexington Avenue, almost across from the old house. The new address is 1523A Lexington Avenue.

Miller’s Diamond Jewelry has been in business since 1951. It has been at the Appleseed Center since 2005. Before that it was downtown by the courthouse.

Mike and Deb Miller had planned to move, but recent damage has made it impossible for them to stay at the Appleseed Center.

“We’ve had active leaks over the years,” Mike Miller said of the roof.

Mike Miller of Miller's Diamond Jewelry looks into the water damage to his store when it was at the Appleseed Center. The business recently moved to the Ace Hardware Plaza on Lexington Avenue.

During roof repairs, Mike estimated that 350 to 400 gallons of water entered the shop space.

“It’s good that you moved or you’ll be out of business indefinitely,” he said.

An out-of-state investment firm bought Appleseed Center last May and hoped for a “significant rent increase.” Millers said he wanted to wait six months to prove the new owner would make improvements.

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