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Bucherer, the European jewelery brand known for its exquisite craftsmanship and use of rare and unique gemstones, presents an exciting new collection focused on natural diamonds. The Rock Diamond collection features unique trapezoid cut diamonds, adding depth and dimension to each piece in the collection. “The stepped arrangement of the facets creates a special depth effect, while the cut reveals more surface,” Bucherer said in a press release.

Trapezoidal and brilliant cut diamonds are combined in each piece to create an ‘organized chaos’ look, while the polished gold setting adds even more brilliance to the collection. “All the elements of each individual creation come together with a unique dynamism that makes each piece dance and shine,” Brand says. Overlapping and overlapping diamonds are eye-catching and add a new element of brilliance to your collection.

To learn more about the inspiration behind the collection, OND was fortunate enough to speak with Fiona Zumtobel, the brand’s Vice President of Jewelery. Zumtbel talks about Bucherer’s classic style ideas, the trapezoidal cut that is characteristic of the entire collection, and the natural diamonds used throughout.

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Only Natural Diamonds: What is the inspiration behind this new collection?

Fiona Zuntobel: A unique approach to balancing an unbalanced and beautiful diamond in all its beautiful facets and angles.

OND: What makes trapezoidal cut diamonds so special and why are they specially included in this collection?

FZ: Rock diamonds are a balance between trapezoidal and brilliant cuts. The combination of brilliant and trapezoidal cuts is what makes this cut so special. The trapezoidal cut is longer at the bottom, creating a mirror-effect hole that reflects from left to right and back, creating a brilliance and glare. A classic brilliant cut will make you shine. When illuminated from the side, bottom and top, the impact is very attractive.


on: What does it take to develop a new collection at Bucherer Fine Jewelery?

FZ: First and foremost, our passionate team has a deep desire to create the unexpected. As part of our design evaluation, we try to bring a new dimension to Bucherer Fine Jewelery. Curation expands from art and inspiration to product development. There is an experimental, geometric approach that epitomizes trapezoidal and brilliant cut diamonds and their remarkable effect.Symmetry, Asymmetry and Bucherer Fine Jewelery

on: Why is it important for brands to use natural diamonds?

FZ: Diamonds are one of the Earth’s greatest wonders. Bucherer is proud to manufacture jewelery with this very special stone. Bucherer feels it is important to honor Earthmaid, a family-owned company with a rich history of 135 years, and a billion years of unrivaled history.


on: What kind of client did you have in mind when you debuted this collection?

FZ: All clients who appreciate diamonds combined with bold, bold and sophisticated designs

on: How does Bucherer Fine Jewelery define new classics?

FZ: A Bucherer Fine Jewelery classic is defined by its rightful place today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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