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HustleSasa Launches Digital Incubation Program – Turn Passion Into Livelihood.

Leading creator app HustleSasa has partnered with The Alchemist to host Turning Passions into Livelihood, a creative digital incubation program. The nine-month program gives participants the tools, resources, networks, and knowledge to monetize their craft.

The incubator program does this by offering participants an immersive learning experience designed to equip them with essential business and marketing skills, Hustle Sasa said. It will also allow access to his HustleSasa platform for online business management.

Selected participants will attend seven weeks of masterclasses led by industry experts from organizations such as Artist Rights Africa. The masterclass curriculum includes topics such as financial literacy, budgeting, community building, integrated marketing communications, the future of art (such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs), and mental health. The goal is to develop all-around creators with comprehensive education and a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its possibilities.

After the masterclass, participants begin using the HustleSasa mobile app over the course of two weeks. His CRM team at the company will guide program participants on how to leverage the platform’s capabilities to effectively manage their business online. In addition, the creator will be able to create a professional website for her with graphic design and product photography support. This allows you to seamlessly sell your products and services to your audience.

Turn your passion into a livelihood timeline

The application phase for the first cohort has now started. Interested participants should apply here by the deadline (Tuesday, May 30, 2023 at 11:59 PM). Turning Passion into a Livelihood project manager Stephanie Gogo spoke at the launch of Turning Passion into a Livelihood, the incubator program will total upskilled creatives across Kenya by December 2023. It said it plans to accept more cohorts later this year to bring it to 1,000.

Unlike similar programs with smaller cohorts, this initiative offers a more holistic approach that encompasses a range of creative roles. Musicians, dancers, event organizers, writers, chefs, beauty and skincare professionals, photographers, and all creators can participate. Additionally, by leveraging the HustleSasa mobile app, participants will have ongoing support and access to her community initiatives after the program ends. , ensuring the sustainability of creative endeavors.

For The Alchemist, collaborating on this project represents a new opportunity to contribute to Kenya’s creative scene. With over seven years of experience supporting local artists, The Alchemist serves as his hub for the incubator community. All face-to-face activities will be held in The Alchemist, culminating in a spectacular showcase in December 2023. During the event, the public will have the opportunity to interact with attendee brands and enjoy live concerts by beloved local music artists.

The ‘Turn your passion into a livelihood’ movement is also a beneficiary of grants to creative-based organizations. Ignite Culture: Received a grant of 12 million KES from the ACP-EU Culture Program (East Africa). The fund is under the implementation of the HEVA Fund, with European Union funding and further support from the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) Nations Organization.

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