Haitian Design Company Artisans Create Jewelry for Independence

Like other fashion brands on social media, the Haitian Design Company (HDC) Instagram has beautiful handcrafted brass and bone jewelry, impeccable beadwork, exquisitely crafted leather bags and purses, and more. , images of their products are posted.

As you scroll down the feed, you’ll notice more and more images of people and landscapes. Artisan photos and biographies – who they are, what they do and what they are working on. Images of Haiti landscapes, pre-millennium Haiti vintage. It cannot be denied that there was an attachment to the country that went beyond profit.

I have a special video. Posted on March 23, a woman stares straight at the camera. She speaks in Haitian Crayol. Her face is pixelated to protect her identity. She tells a harrowing story of encountering gang violence. She took the baby and ran away from the church. Leaving her children in the countryside when she returned to the capital caused her separation anxiety. This lady is her HDC artisan. Concerned for her safety, she now lives at her place of employment.

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The entire HDC business model is centered around craftsmen. Employing over 150 craftsmen, they are given a platform to advance their craft. “The Artisan Incubator Program is designed to support the development of Haitian artisan-based independent entrepreneurs through a variety of pillars: technical training, leadership development, business management training, design support, market access and talent development. It exists,” said a company representative. .

The political situation in Haiti is fluid. It’s more important than ever to bring Haitian stories and art to the platform. The number of trips to the islands is steadily decreasing year by year. This is especially difficult with outfits such as HDC. “We used to have a lot of tourists coming and going to the workshop. “No need to say these visits are a thing of the past.

Thankfully, it’s still possible to directly support HDC, its sustainably made fashions, and their collective of artisans.their website features a diverse catalog of items and a subscription service called “Maker’s Box,” where a new box of handcrafted treats steeped in Haitian culture is delivered to your doorstep every three months. This ambitious company delivers anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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