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Get Up To $65 Off Google Pixel Watch Activate

Spring is finally here and warm weather is finally here. It’s time to step up your workout with some great offers for the Google Pixel Watch. This stylish smartwatch with Fitbit activity tracking is a great option for fitness enthusiasts who want a watch that helps them get the most out of their daily lives. Equipped with all the fitness and health tracking sensors you need, including a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen sensor, it’s one of the best his Android smartwatches available if you’re looking to get in better shape.

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Offering an excellent balance of performance and value, wearables from Google have all the features you’d expect from a premium smartwatch. You can even connect your Android phone to answer messages, link your favorite earbuds to listen to music, or buy lunch with Google Pay. Premium features like this can mean you’re looking at a premium price tag. This typically starts at $350 for the Wi-Fi model. Thankfully, Amazon has some great deals that can save you up to $65 on Google’s first wearable.

Why you need a Google Pixel Watch (LTE)

The LTE version of the Pixel Watch is a great value for those who want more freedom and accessibility on their smartwatch. The deal is just $30 more than the Wi-Fi model, giving you more features for a small price difference and more savings. With this model, you can get the most out of Google’s smartwatches with full connectivity and ease of use wherever you go, with a discount of $65 or more. A complete set of software features from Google, including the latest updates with drop protection, are available wherever you go.

All this for just over $300, which is a pretty good deal. The Google Pixel Watch makes a powerful companion piece for your Android smartphone at an affordable price. Note that the biggest savings are only available on silver-colored watches with charcoal bands, so even if you want a different color for your LTE model, you’ll still save $50.

google pixel watch

google pixel watch

Google’s LTE models of wearables offer freedom and accessibility without the need to carry a mobile phone. Make calls, send text messages, use Google Pay, and more, wherever you are. With a discount of just over $65, the value here is hard to beat.

Check Google Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi)

The Wi-Fi version of the Google Pixel Watch makes the entry price even more affordable. All you lose is cellular connectivity, but you can do a lot of things, like listening to music while running or making contactless payments with Google Wallet, even if you don’t want to keep your phone nearby all the time. can do.

Aside from the lack of pure wireless freedom, the Wi-Fi model offers almost all of the same onboard features as the LTE-enabled model, including Fitbit activity tracking and health-tracking sensors. All options here are $50 off, all the way down to $300, no matter what color you prefer. With the LTE model, you’ll save even more, but both versions here are great smartwatch options for everyday use. Some things could be improved, like battery life, but that’s the wearable for you.6 months of Fitbit Premium gives you access to the best fitness tracking available at no extra cost. Also, the watch itself is stylish.

google pixel watch

google pixel watch

The Wi-Fi model of Google’s wearable has all the features of the LTE model, including 6 months of Fitbit Premium. The only difference is that you can only connect via phone or Wi-Fi to take advantage of features such as calling and sending messages. If that’s okay with you, this version’s price tag is worth the purchase.

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