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When I asked Gary Hudes, owner and president of Gennaro Jewelers in Belmore, why the business has been so successful over the years, he explained that his family, personal and knowledgeable service, and community . His values, and those of his previous owner, have served the jewelry store at 410 Bedford Avenue.

Hudes, who this year celebrates the personal milestone of his 50th anniversary as a bench jeweler, began working for Gennaro Jewelers in 1979. Their children Jenna, Jessica and Jason. their grandchildren, and a team of dedicated employees.

“It’s been a long road to get here,” Hudes said at Sunday’s ceremony. “Who do we thank most for our success and longevity? By recommending generations of friends, generations of relatives and generations of neighbors, Customers who have supported our business, which is why Gennaro Jewelers has given back to our community and will continue to do so.”

History of Gennaro

A longtime resident of Belmore, Gennaro was known as the von der Heidt jeweler and was owned by Erwin von der Heidt, a professional watchmaker known for installing the famous clock in Jones Beach State Park. You may remember the times.

From 1923 to 1962, von der Heidt and his wife Betty owned and operated a jewelry and gift shop until 1962 when it was purchased by watchmaker Louis Gennaro. Born and raised on a farm in North Belmore, von der Heidt left the company in 1968 and changed the name.

“In 1973, when Mr. Gennaro was running Gennaro Jewelers, another career took off. It was mine.”

Hudes said he started from scratch, making jewelry out of plumbing and barbecue tools in the basement of the house in New Jersey where he grew up. He attended Montclair State University to perfect his craft and learn the industrial and technical aspects of using machines and how to design his work.

In 1979 Hudes said he was living in Queens, picked up a copy of Newsday, and saw an advertisement for Gennaro’s jewelry store manager. He hired me,” Hudes said. “He always said he hired me because I wore this three-piece suit, but no one came to an interview as dressed as I did.”

A few years after being hired, Hudes suggested to Gennaro that he become a junior partner in the business and start designing and repairing jewelry in store. Louis agreed and the business grew to what it is today. It is a place where people can come, buy items, design pieces, and repair jewelry, regardless of where they were originally purchased.

“The best part of our business is the fact that all diamond work is done while you wait and see,” Hudes said. It’s all done right in front of the customer, even if they want to.”

And it’s not just diamonds, he added.

“Another niche part of our business is the fire and police jewelry we manufacture here,” says Hudes. “We started doing it about 40 years ago, but we’ve expanded into that field a lot because we can design things here. So now we’re working for police and fire departments all over the country.” .”

von der heit and gennaro Both of them, who retired in 1998, were deeply involved with the Belmore Chamber of Commerce, and Hudes followed in their footsteps. He served as chairman of the organization five times, helped found the annual Family Street Festival, and chaired it for fifteen years. Hudes also served on the Hempstead Town Council for his 17 years until 2017.

To the future

Last month, Gennaro Jewelers was accepted into the state’s Historic Business Preservation Register, which honors and preserves historically significant businesses around New York. At a ceremony last weekend, a 100th anniversary sign was unveiled in front of the store.

The project was also recognized by the Town of Hempstead and Nassau County. Also on the US House floor, Rep. Anthony Desposito congratulated Gennaro Jewelers on a memorable anniversary. A video of his speech can be found on Gennaro’s Facebook page.

“This, ladies and gentlemen, is a workhorse in the community,” town supervisor Don Kravin said Sunday. “He’s a great guy and to know Gary is to love him.

“There’s nothing better than walking into that store and feeling the camaraderie and camaraderie of everyone there,” Kravin added.

“Your passion, your dedication to your community, and your dedication to what is in Belmore’s best interest is at the core of your business’s success,” State Senator Steve Rose told Hudes. I would like to thank you for everything that is meaningful to us and congratulate you on another 100 years of success.

Celebrations began with “100 Days of Gennaro.” Over his next 100 days, customers will receive special treatment, first responders will be recognized, and numerous giveaways and contests will take place. For more information, visit or call (516) 785-0134.

Hudes, who is also a former chairman of the Nassau Chamber of Commerce Council, said he is used to advising small businesses on how to be successful.

“Small businesses don’t have the breadth of big stores, but[they don’t realize]they have something that big stores can never offer their customers, and that’s personal, friendly attention. ,” He said. “David can beat Goliath — and he can do it with friendly, personal, and knowledgeable service. That’s what I’ve always tried to instill in my staff.”

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