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Lancome Lunergie HCF Triple Serum

Single-ingredient skin care formulas have been in the spotlight in recent years. But now, based on the latest science, we know that stacking ingredients is actually the most efficient way to produce visible results, says Dr. Andrik.

Lancôme dermatologists have found the optimal concentrations of key anti-aging ingredients to help visibly restore the skin’s regenerative capacity. Lancome Lunergie HCF Triple Serum Helps rejuvenate skin with a precise blend of hyaluronic acid (hydration), vitamin Cg (brightening) + niacinamide (skin smoothing) and ferulic acid (neutralizing free radical damage) A high-performance anti-aging serum. .

Renergie HCF Triple Serum contains just the right amount of each of these science-backed ingredients to instantly tighten skin. Benefits include a visible improvement in skin volume and quality. rapid and gradual reduction of visible lines and wrinkles; and dark spot correction.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum

Lancôme’s iconic Advanced Genifique Serum has been dubbed the ‘Holy Grail’ of skin care for its ability to improve skin texture, radiance and firmness. Similar to the Reenergie HCF Triple Serum, the stack of ingredients makes this formula so powerful. Advanced Genifique contains radiance-enhancing Vitamin Cg (a powerful vitamin C derivative), along with hyaluronic acid, pre- and probiotic fractions to help balance the skin’s microbiome and improve the appearance of the skin. Visibly brightens, improves texture and elasticity.

The meeting of makeup and skincare

Lancome Lovesolue Rouge Lipstick

Traditionally, makeup has been used to cover the skin. However, the latest cohort of makeup products actually work to improve your complexion and lips, rather than just blurring out imperfections.

Slokowski, who regularly travels around the world as part of her role as Lancôme Beauty Director, explains that the trend that fuses makeup and skincare first appeared in South Korea and is garnering worldwide attention. (as COVID permits, of course).

What products should I know about? Lancome Lovesolue Rouge LipstickThis creamy, pigment-rich lipstick not only adds a pop of color to your lips, but it’s packed with hyaluronic acid to plump and moisturize your lips for up to 18 hours.

Next generation skin technology

Once upon a time, I had to go to a dermatologist’s office to get my skin evaluated. Thanks to Lancôme’s skin screen service, I now have a deeper understanding of my skin in minutes by simply making an appointment at select Meyer and David Jones stores.

Skin Screen uses a high performance imaging system and advanced algorithms to measure key skin parameters. A Lancôme skincare expert will score your key skin parameters and help you customize his skincare routine to suit you. After implementing your new skincare routine, you can revisit Lancôme to track your results over time.


Sustainability will be a hot topic in beauty in 2022And rightly so. One of the most exciting developments in skincare is the release of refillable packaging.

The Lancôme Absolue range of products comes in a keepsake jar with a refillable pod inside. This means you can keep the jar and replace the refillable pods when you run out of Absolue soft serve ice cream instead of buying a whole new product.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that more innovations are on the way in the beauty industry… Check out this space.

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