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For lovers of designer jewellery, the couture show at Wynn, Las Vegas, which opens June 1, is a four-day maniacal dream featuring jewels so original and extravagant that they seem to be hallucinating. Below are a dozen new collections debuting in Las Vegas. When a piece speaks to you, you need to jump right into it. The unique ones should disappear quickly.

arc fine jewelry

arc fine jewelry

arc fine jewelry

Ark Fine Jewelery designer Ann Corman expands the 2022 Awakening collection to create a new capsule of 18-karat gold designs called Vibration that draw on the dynamism of peacock feathers and the healing properties of water. Did. Her one in a color scheme that Corman calls “Ecstasy” is her new 18K her yellow her gold vibes her tiered her pendant her necklace with blue and green gemstones. Her pattern combined with her cut diamonds is fastened to her chain. Other statement pieces include Long His Vibration Earrings and Awakening Tennis Necklace.Each set with hand-cut diamonds, aquamarines, blue sapphires and blue topaz, the water-like hue “serves as a symbol of our interconnected journey and the intricate web that connects us all.” ,” says Corman. rob report. Ark Fine

Emily P. Wheeler

Emily P. Wheeler Jewelry

Emily P. Wheeler

Los Angeles-based Wheeler pays tribute to coming of age in the 1990s and early 2000s with her latest collection, Rebels, which celebrates her upbringing in Boston. From cruising his mall to shopping for his T-his shirts on Hot His Topics, the inspiration behind the collection is designed to evoke the punk and prep sensibilities of the era. Think Drew Barrymore’s choker, the Lisa Frank-designed Trapper Keeper, and the pink and green color combination.

Eva Faeren

Eva Faeren necklace

Eva Faeren

For fall 2023, Fehren expands its sculptural Boa collection, characterized by sensual, undulating shapes that evoke the human body. Accented with pear-shaped diamonds set in rose gold, the collection features the brand’s first fancy-cut eternity band. But that’s not all. “Our latest unique piece reflects our core DNA. Dark gold set with geometric diamonds, this time with larger stones in more intricate and intricate shapes. is set to always remind us of our beloved tough-yet-gentle aesthetic—and inspirational New York City,” says designer Eva Zuckerman.

Gismondi 1754

Gismondi 1754 Jewelry

Gismondi 1754

For nearly three centuries, Gismondi 1754 has been making jewelry in its workshops in the coastal city of Genoa, Italy. Under his seventh-generation member of the family business, Massimo his Gismondi, the brand has expanded its retail presence to some of the world’s most glamorous destinations, including Portofino, St. Moritz and Sanvers. Participated in the brand’s first couture in 2019. This year, the focus is on statement styles that keep metal to a minimum and jewels shine. These include one-of-a-kind emerald and diamond earrings, an 18-karat white gold malea cuff set with diamonds and tanzanites, and a sophisticated pair of Vera his earrings in rose gold and diamonds.

Gyan Jaipur

The craftsmanship and jewelery traditions of India’s famous Pink City are alive in contemporary jewelery from the Jaipur-based brand, which is officially launched in couture with three new collections. The Jaipur series is double sided: one side is adorned with bright semi-precious and precious stones interspersed with small contrasting cabochons, while the other side is embellished with diamonds. The Aravalli line is inspired by the majestic Aravalli hills and valleys in Rajasthan, India, and is inspired by the world’s largest collection of royal hookah mouthpieces, housed in the Gyan family museum. It features a gold etched decorative pattern. And the Sarai collection features intricate gold latticework on the bangle line that borrows that aesthetic. Jarisperforated stone screen of Indian architecture.

jenna blake jewelery

Jenna Blake

With the new Eyecon collection, Blake sets his sights on the great fashion plates of the 1970s. If Bianca Jagger from Studio 54 comes to mind, you’re on the right track. “Not afraid to take risks, they wore bold colors, textures, and fabrics, and effortlessly wore massive, statement jewelry,” says Blake. “They changed fashion by opening doors for risk taking. Imagine her lounging by the pool with a Tom Collins. During a game of backgammon, she A double 6 tumbles carelessly out of the bell sleeve of .She orders another TC, unabashedly, while glancing at the rim of her butterfly gradient glasses, which she wears naturally with a Coral Eyecon pinky ring. will face the next opponent on .” Game start! Jenna


Indian jeweler Moksh, renowned for its diamond artistry, is known for its long, linear statement earrings. Set with baguette-cut gemstones and Japanese pearls, the couture pieces represent the most dramatic expression of jewelry. The company also unveils a new sustainable collection named SH 2.0 (Shourai), made from recycled materials. @jewelsbymoksh

Nikos Kouris Jewelry

Nikos Coolis

Athens-based Kouris explores the relationship between gold and precious stones in his latest collection, ME, celebrating the balancing act between opposing elements: rigor and delicacy, toughness and softness. . Enriched with diamonds, emeralds and rubies, the collection is framed in black, brushed gold with a striking matte finish.

Silvia Farmanovic

silvia farmanovic jewelery

Silvia Farmanovic

She sells seashells, but I’ve never seen them look like this. Brazilian designer Sylvia Farmanovic expresses the natural beauty and intricate patterns of seashells with her captivating new 18K gold jewelery collection, including earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. Unleash. Set with diamonds, garnets, citrines, fireher opals, turquoise, coral and South Sea pearls, this piece evokes Fulmanovich’s passion for her Native American traditions. In that tradition, seashells are considered a gift from the sea and thereby associated with its spirit. renewal. Silvia

studio Ren

Studio Renn seed leaf, puffball and fish earrings

studio Ren

The artists and philosophers at this Mumbai-based jewelery studio return to couture with pieces from an ongoing study called Seed Leaf. Based on shapes resembling both seeds and leaves, his 18K gold collection is designed with a high-gloss surface that reflects the diamonds set within, and is designed by Rahul and Roshnijaberi to symbolize fertility, abundance and abundance. It has become a way to explore new ideas. Creation. Also unveiled are additions to his well-received Cactus, Fish and Puffball his Boyd collection. All of these take abstract forms of the natural world as starting points for Fine’s reflections on what his jewelry represents. Studio

Silva & Cie

The first jewelry given to Silva Yepremian’s father by his mother to his mother at the time of their engagement was the starting point for Silva & Cie’s latest collection, Sima. Named after the designer’s mother, the line was reflected in her early gold earrings, which were lined with faceted gemstones and long, smooth lines of yellow gold her fringes. She will also debut a new collection of unique colette her necklaces featuring diamonds and colored stones.


In his LA design studio, Vram Minassian is busy working on a new collection of unique gem-set pieces and a new 18K white gold version of the best-selling Crona range. Speaking of white metal, don’t miss his new VRAM x Platinum Guild capsule showcasing his special Krona his butterfly his ring set with brown and white diamonds in platinum.

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