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LISS training for beginners: everything you need to know

Have you ever heard someone talk about a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout class and thought to yourself, now this sounds like something I would definitely like do not like doing? HIIT? To hit what? Are there any punches involved? No thanks.

Well, then LISS is for you. It’s the complete opposite of HIIT. LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State Training. LISS also has some Other names it may sound more familiar to you, like “low intensity exercise” or “steady-state training.” So if a HIIT workout isn’t for you, consider a LISS workout. Let’s dive deeper into LISS training for beginners.

What is Low Intensity Steady State Training (LISS)?

LISS is another common fitness acronym that refers to forms of exercise that generally take longer to complete while having low intensity. For example, cycling, swimming, and running at a moderate level are just a few of the many forms of LISS exercise. For those who dislike a HIIT cardio workout or can’t handle it, steady state training may be more beneficial.

How are LISS and HIIT different?

The main differentiator between LISS and HIIT is the heart rate goal. High-intensity workouts almost always come with an elevated heart rate goal, with your heart rate typically between 80-95% of your maximum. LISS is different because the target heart rate for these low-intensity activities is usually between 50-65% of your maximum heart rate.

Here are some of our must-have LISS exercises for beginners

With so many amazing types of LISS workout exercises, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Fear not, though, because we have some beginner LISS training recommendations for you. Most of them require little or no equipment and are readily available to you at any time.

While walking

It may seem simple and inefficient when it comes to workouts, but Studies show that walking has a tremendous amount of health benefits. Not just for our body, but also for our general physical and mental well-being. Walking increases our blood flow, can lower blood pressure, and can even help release endorphins (the brain chemical that triggers feelings of positivity and euphoria)! Taking a walk helps your heart and can literally put a smile on your face. This is a great LISS activity for those who don’t like high intensity workouts and can be done anywhere.


Because water makes you more buoyant and lighter on your feet, swimming is very low impact. It’s a fantastic choice for anyone looking to protect their joints and get their heart pumping without having to do anything too crazy or risky. This LISS activity can be as simple as getting into your pool for a quick swim on a hot day.

LISS advantages

There are so many benefits to LISS exercise! While we can go on and on about how much we love LISS, here are a few reasons why you should try steady-state low-intensity exercise:

Reduces stress

Low-intensity workouts are great for our physical health, but can also have a huge impact on our mental and emotional states. If you need a form of exercise that will help you slow down and relax, LISS is definitely for you.

Improves blood circulation

While both HIIT and LISS forms of exercise help increase blood flow, LISS is a gentler form of training that still helps us maintain good health. The increased blood flow helps our bodies function optimally while encouraging healing and growth.

As with any workout, whether it’s strength training, cardio, or a light workout at home, warming up is also essential for blood circulation. The benefits of warming up before a workout are numerous and can impact how your body recovers, even after a LISS workout. So be sure to warm up before every workout, regardless of your fitness level.

Protect your heart

The many benefits of LISS mentioned above all contribute to a happier and healthier heart. LISS helps your heart work properly and stay strong and stable. A happy and healthy heart helps us perform better in our daily lives and can even help us live longer.

LISS is for everyone

While HIIT training may seem or be intimidating to some, the wonderful thing is that anyone can do it, no matter your background or athleticism.

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