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Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch drops to just $160

It’s a great time to buy an affordable smartwatch that’s perfect for spring running and cycling. Amazon sells his Fitbit Versa 4 for a near record low price of $160, $40 off. The bargain applies regardless of color. And if you want Fitbit’s cutting-edge model, the Sense 2 is $250, or $50 off.

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Fitbit’s exercise smartwatch has been one of the most expensive in recent months.

$160 at Amazon

The Versa 4 is an improvement over Fitbit’s standard smartwatch, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Robust fitness and health tracking is still available, including 40 exercise modes, sleep monitoring, and even stress management scores. It also provides support for Google Maps (currently on Android, iOS later in the spring) and Google Wallet. Get two of the most popular navigation and tap-to-pay services on your wrist without losing some of Fitbit’s benefits. Also includes 6 days of battery life.

There are a few caveats. If you want benefits like guided programs and personalized insights, you’ll need to pay for a Premium His subscription (after the first 6 months). You’ll also get some key smartwatch features, but if you trade battery life for a more robust app ecosystem that retains Fitbit’s features, consider the Pixel Watch. increase. But if you only want what you need, it’s much easier to streamline the $160 Versa 4.

Buy Fitbit Sense 2 on Amazon – $250

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