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Fit for Life: What’s Stopping Your Success?

Saturday, May 27, 2023

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Americans are given the same resources and opportunities, but in the same environment some will succeed and others will fail. Think about it.

Two people can start the same job at the same time, but one climbs the ladder and stays in the same position forever. In my world, sometimes two friends go to the gym together and one gets great results and one of hers doesn’t. At school, all students receive the same curriculum, but some pass and some fail.


When I looked at the franchises I belonged to, I noticed that some owners were busting their franchises and making their businesses successful, while others were struggling to pay their bills. We all have access to the same coaches and resources, so why does success vary so much from place to place?

Are there external factors that influence our success or failure? Absolutely. Economics, demographics, and infrequently pandemics wreak havoc. But with resourcefulness and a willingness to turn around a terrible situation and correct course, we can still grow and overcome obstacles.

I am a strong advocate of self-awareness and looking inward before blaming others or external circumstances for my lack of success. I grew up pretty poor, didn’t do well in school, didn’t go to college, and ended up in prison. But while others have gone through the same or more, and still managed to pull through and be super successful, what could I have done to put myself in a better position?

Don’t get me wrong. I am doing better than many and have come a long way. I am grateful for my life, but I set my standards high, never get satisfied, and measure success by: What are the top 10% doing? I don’t compare myself to others because comparison steals my joy. I measure success by what others have achieved and what is possible. There is a big difference there, so don’t confuse “compare with measure”.

The other day, while I was driving around listening to a podcast, I started thinking about the determinants of success on many levels… finances, fitness, etc. And then I had an idea. Success is to be earned. It is not the lack of opportunity that prevents success. What prevents us from being successful is what we let into our lives. You can check the boxes for different elements that make success possible. However, sometimes eliminating factors speeds up the process.

Here are some examples of what is allowing into our lives what is preventing us from reaching the top and what needs to be eliminated.

fear. This feeling arises in every decision we make. Change is hard, and fear of change makes it impossible, but without change you stop growing. If you want to grow from the status quo, remember that you cannot stay the same. Change is therefore inevitable. We are afraid to change jobs, invest money, delegate responsibilities to others, or join a gym, but we need change to grow. If you let fear decide, you won’t be able to progress to the next level.

Faith (lack of). We can become pessimistic at times and lose trust in processes and people. There are so many people who lack integrity and seek to undermine people that many have lost faith in humanity. I know that those who inquire about our program but do not participate do not trust us to help them. Despite all the social evidence and our track record, some people still need more conviction to join and give it a try. I have her 80/20 rule that 80% of people are good and will do the right thing, 20% are utterly incompetent doing what they need to do regardless are led to believe they will do anything. right or wrong It gives me faith. Remember, we can’t do it alone!!

procrastination. Successful people love speed and hate wishful decisions. Opportunities may come your way, but your indecision can diminish them. When you know something will lead you to a better place. You keep kicking cans in the road, prolonging the suffering. Take fitness for example. There is a question on the onboarding form asking when was the last time you were happy with your fitness and health, and some people said 10-15 years or more ago. I am shocked that people are putting off improving their health and wellness, but we assure you that as long as they are in the right place and keep working hard, the results will come. It’s never too late to start, but you must start now and stop procrastinating and putting off important tasks.

opinion. Everyone has them, but very few are based on fact. Listening to nagging or pessimistic people makes us doubt that we are doing the right thing. Most of the time the opinionators are broken and out of shape, yet they are experts in everything. Don’t let the unsuccessful people fill your mind with doubts and negative thoughts. The opinions of others instill limiting beliefs and fill us with mental garbage. Listen to proven experts and mimic their successes. If someone gives you an opinion without you asking for it, move on and trust your intuition and the facts that support your decision.

bad habit. Seeking immediate gratification, poor quality food, lack of sleep, being dehydrated throughout the day, wasting time surfing social media, and overeating are all bad habits that can affect your emotional and physiological health. , hinders us on a physical level. All of this leads to a drop in our day-to-day thinking and energy levels. None of what I have said will make success easy and we should be excluded from life or severely limited.

Remember, a lack of opportunities will not prevent you from succeeding. It’s part of what we take into our lives. Sometimes it’s important to remove or let go rather than increase or add something.

Overcome your fear because it’s just false evidence that looks real, believe in humanity, don’t let the 20% dictate your decisions, stop procrastinating, make decisions and take action, and learn some bad habits. Get rid of and don’t listen to people who don’t. You are now in the position you want.

Dedicated to our success,


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