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Fern Britton shares her beauty and skincare routine

Writer and TV host Fern Britton shares her beauty routines, memories and wisdom. my beauty lifethe GH series that celebrates and explores the unique nature of every individual’s relationship to looks, and finds out exactly what our favorite celebrities use to look so good.

We caught up with Fern before her latest book came out. good servant, To discover her thoughts on anti-aging and why she believes Cornish air is good for her skin…

Fern Britton’s beauty life

when you’re growing up and getting ready to go out, my mother told me to try again and that I looked good, then she said to me: It doesn’t sound very nice, but I didn’t mean it that way. Because the truth is everyone sees themselves. So you would think, “Yeah, who’s looking at me?” And it will be very free!

My mother was a very attractive woman, – She tied her jet-black hair in a chignon and didn’t go anywhere. She goes out in the yard and she is likely to get knee-deep in mud, so she wasn’t particularly conscious of her own appearance when she was a little girl. I was a tomboy. She discovered makeup around the age of 13 and was helplessly obsessed with it at that point.

I don’t have a signature makeup lookThat said, I like to apply a little flick of eyeliner along the top and bottom lash line – I love that look and have been doing it since I saw Twiggy in the movies. I am boy friend – And lots of mascara. If I go to an event, I do my own makeup. enjoying. I’m going to try a full smoky eye. A tip when using eyeshadow is to apply MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot (£17.50) in neutral painterly first. Finish with something like MAC’s Love Child Lipglass. £16.50. When I turn this on, it gives a very natural color on my lips.

Against nuclear war, against sea sewage, against animal cruelty – but anti-aging? Insanity! You can’t stop it! Getting help when you need it can save you some time, but I don’t think it’s very appealing to constantly worry about how you look. It’s not good for your head either. I look at my wrinkles, I take them on board, and I’m also about to celebrate having gray hair (I’m stuck with a weird blonde streak, but how my natural color looks like) We’ll see how it grows!).

trying to accept getting older What I love about it is getting more and more comfortable with who you are. All my friends, all my colleagues, together we are settling into aging – we are coping with it. We are all in our 60s and we all look and feel great!

I am very confident in taking care of my skinMy mom was rabid about it, so I’ve been doing it since I was 15. I love iS Clinical – I only use it occasionally because it’s expensive, but the product always lasts months It turns out it takes a lot and they really work. When possible, use Active Serum 72 lbs at night and Super Serum Advanced 78 lbs during the day. I also found the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex (£36) to be very good for age spots. cleaned them up. I also love the Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, starting at £27. When I use it with hot flannel, it’s gorgeous.

Santal Treatment Oil
Clarins Santal Treatment Oil
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active serum
iS Clinical Active Serum
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pro collagen cleansing balm
Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm

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Credits: Feel Unique
cleansing complex
iS Clinical Cleansing Complex
Credit: iS Clinical

When I was working on TV every day, I used to get a facial every other week, but now I rarely do it. In Cornwall, where I live, the air is so clean that I hardly noticed any changes in my skin. Otherwise, a once-a-week pedicure is my heavenly idea as far as treatment is concerned!But instead, I moisturize my feet every night before bed and add 21 lbs of Dior to his nails and his glow. using.

I’ve always exercised a lot and been pretty healthyI used to love going to the gym and swimming, but now I have severe arthritis in my shoulders and knees and instead walk 3 miles most days. I always feel that it’s good for me to get some fresh air.I also do yoga three times a week. I love Yin yoga. You have to get into a certain pose and hold it for 3-4 minutes. You have to think about the pain, breathe into the pain, and finally relax. Finally I feel bliss! Walking, breathing, feeling the wind on my face all keep me alive.

This may sound cheap, but I feel most beautiful when I’m dressed down, wearing light makeup, and laughing outside with my friends.

Fern’s new book, The Good Servant, is published by Harper Collins.

Would you like to participate in a talk with Fern?

Fern Britton speaks at Good Housekeeping Live in partnership with Dyson. Carlton House Terrace, London Friday 14th and Saturday 15th October To commemorate the 100th anniversary.

From her stint on Strictly Come Dancing to her resurrection of the hit show Watercolour Challenge on Channel 5 earlier this year, Fern describes the many influences her novels (9 onwards) have had and her stellar television career. Talk about career. .

event date Friday, October 14, 1-1:45 p.m.Those who attend Fern’s talk will take home a signed copy of The Good Servant and a special Centennial GH goodie bag. Tickets for him are just £24 if you book by August 31st.

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