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Education as a benefit for frontline employees

As of 2020, 47% of employers offer some assistance for undergraduate or graduate tuition assistance. However, the number of MBA applications he has dropped by 6.5% in 2022. Clearly, there is a shift in how employees and employers perceive education as a benefit in the workplace.

Why are post-secondary degrees no longer all the rage in the workplace? With attitudes toward educational approaches changing, how can employers continue to support education as a benefit? In Part 2 of this DisruptED episode of his, host Ron J. Stefanski is joined by Jill Buban, vice president and general manager of EdAssist Solutions, to bridge the gap between post-secondary learning and corporate America to the non-traditional. We discussed how to bridge the gap in a meaningful way. Every time.

The average cost of an MBA is $64,800, not to mention the time you must set aside outside normal working hours to complete courses and assignments. More and more people are starting to realize the downsides of having a post-secondary degree in the workforce and are turning to other types of learning.

“I think it is very important for learners to have a guide by their side to understand if competency-based learning is right for them. Is self-directed learning right for me? The traditional model. Wouldn’t you like to ride on a

On the show, Stefanski and Bouvin discussed further…

● Misinformation about boot camps and micro-credentials

● Client knowledge base on expanding education as a benefit to employees

● What is missing in the mix of educational opportunities that education technology companies can pursue?

“Our generation in the increasingly long-term workforce does not want to go back and get an MBA if it is necessary to acquire the skills. No, but they will be happy to do so, so they are also considering how their workforce has changed and how all these qualifications fit their needs. ,” Bubban said.

Jill Buban has been Vice President and General Manager of EdAssist Solutions for almost two years. Prior to that, she was Vice President for Digital Strategy and Online Education at Fairfield University. Bhuvan has decades of experience in higher education and holds her PhD. in adult learning.

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