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Edtech company eNotes launches AI fact-checking service in collaboration with AI “Instant Answer”

Seattle, May 11, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AI is taking education by storm, but fact-checking remains a serious problem. AI systems can produce great results that can legitimately help students learn, but they can also amplify the wrong data and harm students seeking quick and easy answers. eNotes decided to double down on its online education software by blending the best of both worlds: AI tools and direct human assistance.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved As one of the most visited literary and humanities websites on the Internet, eNotes has been a leader in online education for over a decade. With customized feature integration using GPT-4 technology, we continue our tradition of innovation and excellence.

Our new website includes two launch products: Essay Summary and Instant Answers. Essay Outline helps students come up with the best possible essay outline to start their writing career. Instant Answer, on the other hand, uses her vast library of content combined with AI technology to answer any book, author, historical period, or other educational question.

These answers are: Instantly Fact Confirmed Our network of educators ensures the accuracy of the information generated. This unique feature allows students to leverage innovative technology in a safe academic environment where educators fact-check and critique her AI output. All her eNotes members have unlimited access to her AI answers and can purchase fact-her checks as part of their subscription. I posted an actual fact-check on my blog to show how this process works.

All content published on is written by experienced educators and fact-checked by our in-house editorial team. Our new AI products work with our vast content library to generate information and summaries to create best-of-both-worlds educational experiences. All AI answers link directly to his existing human-generated eNotes content.

We are proud to offer a free trial for anyone to test the new and improved for free. This enables students and teachers alike to use AI to generate research starting points and continue research with premium educational content and educator services. We are confident that these new features will further enhance the user experience and continue our mission of providing a valuable resource for students around the world.

Matthew Fonda, CTO of, said of the product launch:

“At eNotes, we believe that a personalized learning experience is the key to good teaching. Our homework help service was successful in connecting students with real educators, but scale has always been a challenge.” When we discovered GPT-4 and the quality of responses, we knew it would be a game-changer in education: students could ask unlimited questions and get the personalized support they needed. Works perfectly with a network of educators, so if students need additional support, they can get AI-powered answers.”Checked and enhanced by real humans. I am very excited about it and look forward to seeing the impact it will have on education.”

eNotes is available with a 48-hour free trial, after which it costs $14.95 per month. Each subscription includes one fact-check per month, and you can purchase more depending on your needs.

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