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EdFi Announces Educational Hub For All Cryptocurrencies

With its ambitious mission and innovative model, EdFi aims to become a major player in the global online education market. The platform’s token economics aims to ensure maximum utility for its users while fostering growth and sustainability.

Ambitions of this new project

EdFi’s goal is to build an educational ecosystem accessible to all. The ecosystem includes various topics using blockchain technology, DeFi, and AI implementations.

EdFi aims to effectively transform the traditional education system while providing users with reliable access to educational materials. In doing so, EdFi will create a new avenue for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The team shared an estimate of the off-chain global online education market size at around $30 billion. EdFi hopes to leverage such a large-scale effort to drive cryptocurrency adoption by moving this business to his Web3.

While some platforms offer off-chain educational content hubs, EdFi’s hub will be on-chain. This choice will allow users to reap the benefits of her growing Web3 economy.

The EdFi team works hard to make our vision and ambitions a reality. Together, they will make trusted educational content accessible to users around the world. It also helps bridge the gap between traditional education and mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

$EdFi Token Launch

The launch of the $EdFi token will be focused on creating fair and equal opportunities for all interested participants. This token will be available on Uniswap V2 without community pre-sales, public rounds, or VC backing.

The team will split the total 1 billion token supply as follows:

Teams do not receive tokens, as this quota indicates.

Additionally, a simple 2% tax is applied to all buying and selling operations to ensure the sustainability of the project. Tax-earned proceeds will help expand the team’s liquidity pool and fund the EdFi Treasury. This approach promotes equal opportunity for all interested in participating while making EdFi sustainable in the long term.

About EdFi

Edfiis a project in the crypto space that provides tools and resources to help users learn about cryptocurrency-based finance. Its goal is to be an educational hub for all things cryptocurrency and bring that community into his Web3 world.

EdFi is planning several milestones such as launching ERC20 tokens and activating a staking campaign for $EdFi holders. Introducing EdFi Suite and EdFi Suite Pro gives you exclusive access to educational content.

Additionally, EdFi is looking to partner with the Web2 organization and has already applied to CoinMarketCap to increase its visibility. Finally, EdFi AI is launching as an AI-powered chatbot that provides concise insights on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and Web3.

EdFi is building a platform that combines blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and AI with an accessible educational content center.EdFi websiteand the following social media pages provide authoritative information for those interested in learning more about the project.


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