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DNR Offers Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend and Summer

With the holiday weekend approaching, law enforcement is urging Minnesotans to plan ahead so that the memories they make this weekend and summer don’t turn tragic.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) notes that while anglers and rowers have been at sea for weeks already, Memorial Day weekend traditionally marks the beginning of the recreational boating season. .

“Our waterways are Minnesota’s greatest natural gem, and the number of people using them is truly amazing,” said Lisa Dugan, Recreational Safety Support Coordinator for DNR’s Division of Enforcement. rice field. “There’s nothing better than memories on the water. A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring positive memories.”

With this in mind, the DNR encourages those planning activities on the water to follow these important safety tips.

  • Wear a life jacket — According to the DNR, 90% of fatal boating victims don’t wear a life jacket, and state law requires children under the age of 10 to wear a life jacket while on a boat are obligated to do so.
  • Don’t drink when you’re on the boat — not only is alcohol the number one cause of death on boats, it’s illegal to operate a boat while intoxicated.
  • Check your safety equipment — Make sure your lifejackets are suitable and in good condition, and that your boat’s navigation lights, sound system, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and engine shutdown system are all working.
  • Watch out for high water levels — According to the DNR, water levels are rising in many parts of the state this year, making lakes difficult to access and potentially lurking dangers beneath the surface.
  • Beware of Wakes – Large wakes can cause environmental damage and endanger others on the water. Some lakes have wake restrictions in place that can result in fines.
  • Double check the rules — DNR’s boat guides are available online and online education courses are available.
A map showing lake temperatures across Minnesota ahead of Memorial Day weekend 2023.

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